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Warrior Guest Feature: The Good Rub

December 21, 2017

I was happy to be introduced to The Good Rub by fellow local small business, Relena whose husband makes amazing Coconut Candies which I shared in my last post, Thankful To These Boss Ladies. We know each other from the days we volunteered for the P.T.A. (Parent Teacher Association) and happy we can still support each other as we still have the strong belief in community and being there for each other especially in hard times.

I’ve wanted to do something with my experience in the years serving in the P.T.A. and also my other volunteering efforts which gave me a good background in non-profit work and how important it is to reach out especially to your community and local businesses.

Warrior LifeStyle was created after many years also blogging and sharing my story at Maribel’s Kidney Story. I wanted to use what I’m still able to do and get creative in my healing path. Though it’s challenging I’m meeting people like Rebecca with The Good Rub who has also has dealt with chronic illness and pain and is turned her pain into learning all that she can to improve her health. Below is her story and how she started her business.

As I’ve been on this same journey along with raising up my family. Trying to always be an example to keep pushing through the trials and adversities of life. Though not easy I’m happy to see what I’ve been able to do and not focus on what I haven’t.

I’m looking forward to sharing more Warrior Guest Features that is taking back their fight and inspiring healing in creating or selling healing or life inspirational products.

As I’ve fought for many years now and it’s only been getting more physically challenging. These type of partnerships and creative collaborations will be vital to my survival. At the same time give me a positive focus as writing and sharing has been an important part of my healing.

I’m thankful I was able to end this year with a giveaway and bless someone with products that is helping me in my healing path. I feel we are all warriors fighting in this life and one thing that I love to emphasize is adding to the quality of your life. Being able to support a small business and your community is something we all can do.

This will be what I will continue to strive for as I keep moving forward with Warrior LifeStyle and happy for all of you who have come aside me to share this journey.

Visit The Good Rub’s Store At:



Fifteen. That’s how many pharmaceutical medications I was taking per day to “help” me manage my new found chronic pain conditions. At the age of 28, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and some other lovely conditions that were sides to the entree. Within a year, I was losing my hair, taking 3 high blood pressure medications, 8 pain pills a day, 8 muscle relaxers a day and a few nerve medications. Up all night with my head in the clouds, asleep all day. Depression and hopelessness became very real for me. Could this really be the rest of my life? I refused to accept it.

When I realized that the medications were affecting me so negatively and that I had become dependent upon them, I started researching alternative methods for managing these conditions. Herbal remedies were at the top of the list I had created of practices and treatments that would help me. I began playing around with different herbs that I knew provided an anti-inflammatory benefit. I was not only ingesting them, but learning how to use them in other ways. I made changes to my diet, exercise and work schedule. I spent countless hours researching individual herbs and processing methods eventually developing a proprietary method for infusing the herbs into carrier oils. Soon thereafter, I was formulating my own remedies based on my research. Once my friends and family and their friends and family started using some of my remedies and reporting relief, I knew I had to continue. After years of working with herbalists, perfecting several formulas and studying the therapeutic benefits of plants, The Good Rub was born.

I still struggle with my own pain from time to time, but I am proud and happy to be able to say that I am free of pharmaceutical medications. I have developed what I call my Pain Management Toolbox and I am even more proud to say that one of my biggest tools is The Good Rub products. A lot of people ask me which of the products I use the most and I can honestly say that I use every product for something different. My favorite combination is a hot bath with a Lemongrass & Calendula Bombs Away bath bomb followed by a rub down with either Super Salvy or Warm Me Up. My sleep has never been better and I feel alive again.

The Good Rub products are made with all natural and organic ingredients and offer a myriad of functions. They are handcrafted with love, vitality and compassion. What sets us apart from other body care companies is that we specialize in developing formulas that help those dealing with inflammatory conditions of several kinds (joint, muscle, skin), but take care to formulate with the skin and beauty conscious consumer in mind as well. Our products are practical, unique, and cost effective. Currently, there are two orthopedic surgery centers recommending The Good Rub products to their patients as an alternative pain management tool with great success being reported. We are in a constant state of research and development, so there will definitely be more to come.

Love and Light

~ Rebecca

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