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Thankful To These Boss Ladies

September 29, 2017

Getting through another season of rest and restoration; There’s nothing like people coming along side of you. I will say for a few of my boss lady friends and family who have small businesses that have blessed me with not just being there but with some of their wonderful creations. I thought as a thank you to all these hard-working women I’d like to share their gifts and their businesses. I’m all about supporting small businesses and especially if they’re friends and family.

When I started Warrior LifeStyle I was hoping to make it a place where I can creatively collaborate and cheer on my favorite brands and small businesses. I feel my money is always well spent and it’s planting seed and helping the hard-working hustle of the everyday person.

Since we are no long working a traditional 9 to 5 I understand this. We began our volunteering and giving back because we had the extra time and in the process we became very involved in our community as well.  Its lead to many things which has help me envision partnering up with businesses to help my healing path and eventually create a non-profit along with other pending things we have in store.

It has gotten much harder as my health has become more challenging but I’m still more than able to keep this altruism going through my blogging efforts and all the creative means I express on this website.

Be sure to check out these Boss ladies that I have the awesome privilege to call friends and family. They have blessed me tremendously and think about them when in need of any of their services and sweet creations! Also make sure to follow them too for this #FollowFriday!

Sara with A Girl Inspired and The Sparrow Company

From her social media expertise, to her lifestyle photography to her apparel line that gives back. She is definitely someone you want to connect with, collaborate and support. We also have a special connection because her son Justin is a fellow kidney warrior like me.

A post shared by photography x brand enthusiast (@a.girl.inspired) on Don’t measure the size of the mountain; talk to the One who can move it. #thesparroweffect 👕 Design by: @jakehigg94A post shared by TEES FOR GOOD (@thesparrowco) on Leah With Simple Posh Paper

Leah sent me this box of sunshine and just shows how beautiful and creative her creations are. I love her custom cards and she even had personal sunshine cards that I can’t wait to use. Definitely a go to for your invitation, special occasion custom cards.

A post shared by Simply Posh Paper | Leah (@simplyposhpaper) on

Relena with Rustys Kamaaina Coconut Candy & The Good Rub

Relena and I go back to our P.T.A. Days and love seeing she and her husband personally making coconut candy from scratch in their home. Can’t get any more fresher and healthier than that. She also gifted me salt balms and oil from her friend at The Good Rub, who also sells locally to Sacramento. You can normally find them at your local Sacramento-Natomas farmers market or festival. In the winter months be sure to check on their social media and website.

A post shared by Rusty Ogawa (@rustys_kamaaina_coconut_candy) on

Joanna With “Gabby’s Goodies- A Little Taste of Heaven”

I’ve droold off of Joanna’s food and desserts for some time now. I was so thankful that my cousin gifted what I was already trying to buy for myself as a birthday treats. Her layered unique flavors from shortbread crust, custards, and unique fillings and frosting. I was so thankful to sample her island flavors: ube taro flan, guava roll and calamansi bar. I loved them all and don’t even do desserts. Also a big hit at my birthday celebration. You can follow her on her Instagram or Facebook, she does custom orders batch at a time.

Tammie With Norwex

Me and Tammie attended our friend Jeanette’s Norwex Party and I know we were both very impressed leaving with some products of our own. It’s been easy for me to clean with and most importantly safe and non toxic. Norwex can change the way you care for your family and transform every area of your home by making your environment a germ-free & chemical-free safe haven. View more products on her website and you can purchase online. Scroll to bottom of the page after clicking the link below if you’d like to view the full catalog visit:” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>

Ashley With Lotus and Luna

I wanted to ad a very special Boss Lady my cousin Ashley to my last blog “Thankful to the boss ladies”. It just keeps adding up as I get surprises in the mail. Ashley has been such an inspiration pursuing her giftings of creating and design. She and her sister are FIDM alumni and both working in the fashion industry. They have inspired my oldest son to pursue a fashion merchandising and business degree and maybe one day attend FIDM as well.

She surprised me with some goodies including the bracelets above that have healing stones from their healing collection. They are from the awesome company she works for @shoplotusandluna who provide fair employment for women in Thailand and to help escape the cycle of poverty. I love companies that give back with purpose!

Head over to

A post shared by Lotus and Luna (@shoplotusandluna) on

Glam for my warrior ninang!



Find/read her story

Rowena With Evangelista


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Last but not least this list continues to be grow as I get these surprises. My small way to thank them back is by sharing their businesses and their amazing products.  Read below a little more about Rowena and her brand Evangelista.

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Oct 27, 2017 at 4:10pm PDT


. #evangenista #shopEVG #instorenow #merlow #summerluxury

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Just want to thank all my bssed me tremendously. I just want to give credit where credit is due. Not to boast in what I got but what I was blessed to receive!



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