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The “F” Word – Family Foodie Friday

September 15, 2017

You may have heard of the new show The “F” Word with Gordon Ramsay. With my latest season of rest and recovery it’s what I binged on Hulu as that’s been my main T.V. along with Netflix and YouTube. He brought the show to America and love the new series as it involve’s my favorite “F” words: Family, Food, Fun.

This has been the same theme for this blog along with some Faith and Fashion. Throw in the Warrior Fight to live out the best life regardless of what life throws you. Those “F” words has been a great motivator and being able to experience this with my family has made life more memorable and meaningful.

Quite honestly the “F” word we may all think about can have easily of described my situation. Instead I’ve found better “F” words to describe my life. For this #FoodieFamilyFriday I chose to share the Los Angeles good eats and the Sacramento good eats we are so blessed to have close to us.

This is also a farewell to my indulging and calorie consumption efforts. Which I decided to focus next month as it’s been difficult just coming out of the hospital, have gotten so many goodies from visitors, and it’s my birthday month so I’m gonna be celebrating a little.

It’s time to make the full transition to eat more foods that will support my healing. Not that I haven’t but with my heart and lungs being effected along with the kidney failure I know more needs to be changed. I need food to heal me as it always did but I have to think more nutrition and how to balance everything.

I grew up traveling to NorCal to SoCal because my family did business there it was always a nice adventure which included lots of food experiences. My family also has grown to have this kind of palette to eat all kinds of food. We were always a busy family that was on the go and with the variety of foods around us; we can have something different everyday. I’m thankful of the new farm to fork, whole foods, healthy food trends especially in restaurants and there is many selections here in Sacramento and Los Angeles.

I was ready for a change of scenery as I’ve been home more navigating pain issues. So the timing couldn’t be more better for a few mini getaways to my sister’s home which has always been a safe haven for me and a place for me to escape. My boys just like me grew up visiting most spring breaks and summers there.

This path is unfortunately where I caught the infection I have fought valley fever something that almost took my life and has done a lot damage which caused many of my spine/bone issues. It’s always nerve wrecking but apart of this fight life is stepping out in faith and I take all the extra precautions when driving through Hwy 5. I close vents, mask up, and we try to drive without any stops.

These Foodie Family Fun adventures takes more than you can see. You may wonder how I can afford to eat so much different foods and lately have indulged a lot more since I’ve had many issues with eating. So when I can eat I have eaten really good. It’s always this balance that I know very well and done it for a long time. Recently they decided to admit me to hospital as I started to have little mobility and different symptoms.

They tested for valley fever as it’s been in my spine before but thankfully everything came negative but had to go home with oxygen. The many years of dialysis has taken its toll and healing is much slower. As long as I keep moving forward one little slow step at a time I’m still moving forward. Even if it’s just trip to a restaurant getting out has always helped the healing journey and love having quality time with my family.

I know though I need to get back to cooking in the kitchen and slowly making my way one dish at a time. Lately my husband has thrown down in what I call “The Butts down” which I need to share in a whole new post because he’s just been cooking some amazing dishes and always helps me heal.

I’m ready to mix my love with food with healthy choices with more whole foods that can work around me and all my family’s diet. Which I hope will bring more new recipes on these #FamilyFoodieFriday post.

With every trip I get to brainstorm with my sister as she has helped me so much in keeping my dreams alive just by watching her succeed in all that she has put upon her heart. Her move to downtown L.A. has helped bring some extra work for my boys and gave us many reasons to be down there more. We do have some new merchandise coming soon. My apologies for the delays unfortunately for this warrior health has to be first for me to do all that I’m still able to do.

Lots of planning and executing with my now working son who has done all the embroidery for me. We’re confident that we can get some new creations out very soon. Until than enjoy the faith, food, family, fun aspects of our Warrior Life. If you follow my Instagram you may have seen me share some of these good eats which has been in a span of the last several months. My homage to my love of eating as I switch it up to a new healthy, veggie, lean meats, farm to fork and whole foods. I’m sure I can still afford a cheat day occasionally.

The love of food continues and I will keep healing myself with food! If you are a local farm to fork restaurant, chef, homeopathic therapies such as day spas, etc…. and want to partner up with me please contact me. My hopes are to collaborate with more local businesses to help my healing and in return  I can share all it’s goodness and how it’s helping me.

Blessings to you all and Happy eating everyone!

Sacramento Eats

Bangkok Garden Thai Cuisine, 2069 Arena Blvd #170, Sacramento, CA 95834

Bangkok Garden a place we regulary go to and what I call my favorite Thai Soul Food. See my previous post to see why I love this place so much.

Raijin – Ramen House, 1901 S St, Sacramento, CA 95811

A post shared by Warrior Life & Style (@warriorlife_style) on Ryujin Ramen House, 1831 S St #100, Sacramento, CA 95811

The above ramen restaurants literally are next door to each other so I had to try both. I will say the choices are a little different but you can get shiro, kuro, aka tonkotsu ramen along with other ramen choices and happy the hubby got to enjoy some vegetarian options in both places. Definitely both hit the spot for that ramen craving.

Zocalo Midtown, 1801 CAPITOL AVE, SACRAMENTO, CA

I wished I taken photos of my hubby and sons vegetarian burrito and carnitas burrito but it was a late Taco Tuesday night and just got back from L.A. and we wanted something yummy which was still open. Zocola is a beautiful restaraunt perfect for a date night. I came here before but was a first for my family and my youngest son who ordered a big bowl of Pozole Rojo and he said its one of the best pozoles he’s had. I enjoyed their Quesadillas De Pollo
Two—fresh masa, cheese, braised chicken and epazote, salsa, cotija. My kind of food!

Tres Hermanas, 2416 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

This has been our go to Mexican restaurant and even have written post – Tres Hermanas Midtown Sacramento Inspiration and you can see why we love it and keep coming back.

Kikis Chicken Place, 2377 Northgate Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95833


Well I can’t help myself but put out a #foodiepost as I lay here in the hospital unable to eat. Haven’t ate since last night as they want me ready for surgery or at the minimal a procedure. More on the health updates at>>>@maribelskidneystory . . Until than may this be the place I celebrate every bite I have been blessed to eat and enjoy. First time trying @South and if you know me you know I love me some #potpie, #soulfood & #weheartfriedchicken can’t wait to try more from here one day! . . #warriorlife_style . . . #foodiefamily #foodie #foodishealing #Saceats #Sacfoodie #farmtofork #wholefood #goodeats #foodblog #blogger #writer #bloglife #lifestyleblogger #sacblog #sacblogger #staysharing

A post shared by Warrior Life & Style (@warriorlife_style) on L.A. Eats

Gala Thai – 11040 W Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

Urth Caffé – 451 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Comfort LA – 1110 E 7th St, Los Angeles CA, 90021

You know when we are in L.A. we always eat good. I still have a #foodpost waiting to be shared. Want to elaborate more on our love for food and the places we’ve been able to enjoy this past month. Just been crazy month with a few setbacks. However I’m happy that lately there has been many excuses to come to my sisters as she has had lots of work for my fellas. Any excuse to be able to have a mini getaway. As lovely as it is to heal and live in Sacramento a change of scene is always good. Also creating more family memories to put in the books! . . @urthcaffe – Wild mushroom #pizza – Sautéed wild mushrooms, braised balsamic onions, mozzarella, burrata and truffle pecorino cheeses. Garnished with arugula. Also had to share the yummy fresh fruit. . . @comfort_la – Organic #friedchicken wings topped with “that sauce”. Sides: cornbread, mac n cheese, greens & candied yams. . . #warriorlife_style

A post shared by Warrior Life & Style (@warriorlife_style) on <<<<∓mp;t; href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Birdies – 314 West Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles, CA

A post shared by Warrior Life & Style (@warriorlife_style) on <<<<∓t;>

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