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Celebrating Our New Life -Camiyah’s Baby Block Baby Shower

September 14, 2017

I have to throwback to July 10th when we showered my little sister-in-law and her man some baby shower love. I have wanted to share this post for a while but if you follow me on IG @maribelskidneystory or @warriorlife_style you may know the difficult months it’s been for me healthwise. So before I post anything new I need to get out some that has been drafted.

With all the work that my little sister’s put into this celebration. I just had to take it back and share all the pretty little details of this unique baby shower theme. I have to say my sisters are the most creative in coming up with ideas. I always tell them they need to go into business. I still love to create and love when I’m able to ad my little touches.

However the family effort is always amazing and if you could remember the Sprinkle Me Baby Gender Reveal post and the other events I’m sharing that has all been a joint effort from family and friends which I will say is always beautiful thang! As I continue to fight for life I am more sentimental about celebrating. I think it’s important and nothing more precious than new life coming into our world.

The day came upon us when Camiyah was ready to come to the world, August 13th. I was thankful I was able to be in the labor room. Fresh out the hospital with oxygen I was able to hang for the overnight labor and it was an honor to see another sister having a baby. Mostly because she’s the baby in the family and here she was having her first baby.

So much emotions that I know we must have all felt. I was so proud to watch from the sidelines as both my sisters and her man worked together to bring Camiyah to the world. I couldn’t help to think about our mom and how she’s watching above from heaven. How her presence is missed but we did make sure to bring her urn and kept it by her side. She kept getting little signs of our angel’s presence that day and that is always helpful when we can’t have them physically present.

This celebration of life is everything and all the new babies that have come into our family have been healing. We have the opportunity to extend that legacy of love to our own. Allowing us to celebrate new life and new purpose.

Happy 1 Month Our Camiyah Amita




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