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How We Followed Our Children To Coachella

April 27, 2017

The ability to experience, taste, touch and fulfill all senses has been the best part of getting away. This is exactly what I was excited for my son Marcelo to experience going to Coachella. My sister gifted my son earlier in the year to go with her daughter Alexis. Our two oldest are growing up and somehow we ended up making a family vacation out of it.

Timing wise was good for us since it was both my son’s spring break. My sister flew me in a little earlier and even though that was an adventure all in itself as I shared on an IG post how I missed my flight and unfortunately missed my sister’s birthday that she had planned out.

Apart of that plan was going to visit a loved one who is unfortunately incarcerated in L.A. County. Out of respect I’m still am unable to speak of the details. However because this person is becoming more accepting and even one day wants to share their experiences I think I can at least share a bit.

No family is perfect and I will say mine is far from it but it’s why my relationship with my boys is everything to me. It wasn’t easy for them to have to see me go though so much with my chronic illnesses. However we did our best to keep our family going. Even with crazy unpredictable schedules and life at times I didn’t want them to stop pursuing their passions. We’ve done our best to give them a positive focus among our chaos.

Both my sons are very creative and I love to see them in their element. This is why I love taking them to local art shows and just keep them inspired to create. It also gets my juices flowing as a creative as well. My sister and I are the same way when it comes to this. She has been nurturing my nieces Alexis singing and writing abilities since she was young. We were excited for them to be able to experience Coachella and it was the event that they were looking forward to.

My sister decided to rent a house that was in La Quinta five minutes away from Indio and 30 minutes away from Palm Springs. I honestly was nervous to go into the desert especially when they are known to have dust storms. With my history of valley fever dust and dirt is always a scary thing. So I came ready with my vog mask even though the weather report predicted perfect weather.

Us Travelling tight to La Quinta – Yes we tight light that!

I was so ready for some desert heat because our weather has been extremely cold and wet in Northern Cali. Which also has been very hard on my body. So the nice heat was a great change and even got in a little swimming in. I will say these travels aren’t easy. I was already feeling pain prior to the trip but tried to push through it. However, walking around downtown Los Angeles was more difficult this time around.

Though it’s a lot of work to travel these are the memories I know we’ll cherish forever. As we continued to celebrate my sister’s birthday we also had a place for our kids to come home to. I was just thankful they were able to have this experience. From the music to the fashion I know those two soaked it up.

Cool Coachella Kids

Travelling to La Quinta I was just ready to take it easy and that’s basically what we did. As our older kids left to the Coachella Festivities we enjoyed the resort that we were in. We did a little sight seeing in Palm Springs along with some vintage and thrift shopping where we found some good stuff.

A Beautiful Shot of The Birthday Girl

Since my sister and God daughter is in the entertainment industry they went to a few parties that gave some amazing giveaways. We all came home with some Reebok Classics. I love seeing young creatives pursuing their calling and it’s exactly the atmosphere I want my oldest to thrive in.

Though he is still home going to college close by I know it’s a matter of time he will leave the nest. Till than I guess I still have permission to follow him. These are the moments I love to see both my boys experience. I’m glad we were able to follow our kids to Coachella and grateful for the new memories made.

Special thanks to my sister who always makes these trips happen. Also for continuing to nurture my boy’s strengths and spoiling the the heck out of them. Follow my sister at

La Quinta Resort was beautiful!

Coachella Stylings with these brothers

My Son Enjoying Coachella

Outfit Details

Thankful this boy had the time of his life!

Exploring Palm Springs

Vintage/Thrift Shopping in Palm Springs

This Boy is always styling too

Always taking inspiration with the old and the new

The Hubby’s Stylings

Letting my light shine! My Dessert Style

So happy he had the time of his life!




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