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The Ressurected Life – Our Healing Time In Nevada City

April 20, 2017

Today’s question is, If you could offer only one piece of advice about beginning … new project, new biz, starting fresh, changing habits … what would it be?

For me, is going to God. Not always easy with the distractions of the world. Lately it’s been difficult to get going. I feel like an old rusty car that takes some time to get up to speed. My will is to keep going so I’m chugging away. Some days I start right up and others takes time.

Since dealing with chronic illness I feel more fully aware of my body. I notice right away when something’s not right and lately that’s how I been feeling. As much as I consult the doctor I need to consult the God that created me.

Over the weekend I got to join my nephew Keyo (#keyostrong) and his family. Who has defeated the odds as he gotten into terrible accident last year. We got to witness the power of love through his family and friends and the power of prayer. He has encouraged me tremendously in my fight.

So when his dad asked me if I like to join him and the family for a day of healing there was no hesitation and thankful our day was clear to be there.

I can’t proceed with any plans unless I’m well and when things are unclear I start getting restless and in turn that doesn’t help my body. So the timing couldn’t be more better as I’m ready to move on with plans for Warrior Life & Style.

It’s a vicious cycle and I get to a point that enough is enough. It’s like the fighter in me kicks in and needs to take matters in my own hands. So in the noise of the everything it’s time to shut it all off and retreat.

It’s been a while since we could do this and can’t say enough how valuable that time is. It was a day of extraordinary and unplanned events that I can’t wait to share.

A continuation of my past Tuesday inspiration Instagram post where I shared a bit about our healing session a couple weekends ago in the mountains of Nevada City, California. I thought to finally finish up this blog which I think is perfect as Easter has just passed to talk about the resurrected life I’m living. I am a little behind on my blog post as many things have gone on especially when it comes to my health.

Just a little background on my fight for life. It all started at the age of 25 when my kidneys failed. I was a young working mom and wife and still had so much determination not to let it stop me from living and achieving goals. Though it made it challenging I think the stubbornness in me just kept fighting. I look back and see how much I continued to live. The things I was still able to accomplish in raising up my sons.

Only possible living the resurrected life. My faith life was essential to my survival. As I continued to press on it didn’t come without obstacles. I continued to battle what my body and spirit was telling me. Some days the pain had its way but most days my faith kicked into overdrive. Despite the many disappointments I could never forget that I’ve been on borrowed time since my first diagnosis and I know everyday has simply been a gift.

I have probably seen it all when it comes to faith healers. Some extreme and should’ve made me an unbeliever. I’ve had people tell me to stop my dialysis, medications and trust God. That was the extreme and I had others that has guided me in this healing journey.

Cosme Casara came highly recommended and I found his cheerful happy dameanor refreshing.  Seeing him in a group setting and individually made me comfortable. He is a minister and a massage therapist as well.

Cosme works on the physical body with spiritual energies that come through his hands and senses. He scans the whole body, identifies the imbalances and blockages, and looks at how the energy flows. Using a combination of music, deep tissue massage and body alignment, Cosme is able to bring a person back into balance. He creates an even flow of energy which begins to circulate in a person’s energy field and accelerates the healing process. (Original Source)

Lately with the new symptoms it was time for some spiritual reflection and understanding of what is happening as my medical testing continued to not show nothing new. I was so happy that the hubby was able to join me. As partners in life and in my healthcare we both need to take time for some healing.

Going into Nevada City at Cosme Cosara retreat and home. With no reception and nature all around was simply beautiful and how can you not hear from God. Since we were in a group we had to wait for our healing session with Cosme. This led to us witnessing a marriage, having dinner with basically their little community there, and sat around a camp fire as the sun came down. Everyone was so friendly and this was all very spontaneous for the hubby and I.

This is what the resurrected life is all about. Taking lots of leaps of faith and just trusting in the inner light the Lord has given us. This healing session was different from what I’ve ever experienced. As Cosme explains that western medicine is seeing straight forward as he sees the whole picture. It’s a mix of eastern medicine practices along with biblical emphasis. Which is all intuitive to your physical and spiritual body.

Something I’ve learned through over the decade fighting for life. It’s so important to be fully aware of your emotions which is tied in to our physical body and spirituality. Looking at this at a whole is looking at the big picture. Something I strive in my healing journey.

I would love to go more in depth of what he seen and the advice he has offered but will save for another time. I plan to visit Cosme and his wife soon for another healing day.

This warrior is gonna keep living the resurrected life and will fight for all the moments that make up this life we live. It’s not easy but when I think of Jesus baring the cross for my life. I have no fear. This is the peace of the resurrected life.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter “Resurrection day” and what are your reflections as you think of the resurrected life?

I would highly suggest to try out a healing session especially if you are fighting for life like me:

Cosme Castanieto
17490 Lazy Dog Road
Nevada City, CA 95959

(530) 265-5486


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