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Sprinkle Me Baby Gender Reveal

April 20, 2017

My baby sister-in-law Micaela is having a baby! It’s a very exciting time for our family as we continue to grow. Just like all the babies that have come especially after a time of loss for our immediate family has helped us heal and look to the future. Now being the baby girl of the family you always are very protective and will say I’m thankful she has found someone who makes her happy and now they’re having a family.

This is one of the events that kept me busy these past weeks. I couldn’t stop thinking sprinkles. Even though I was just a little part of an amazing teamwork from very talented and creative friends and family. Micaela just like my other little sister Monique are very creative and talented. She knew exactly what she wanted and every detail was covered. I like to say they have taken it from me but I will say their work is on another level. I tend to stay within the graphics, favors, banners arena. They cover all the other details maybe even things you won’t think of. Since we just finished helping my niece’s 16th birthday we have been in a creative groove.

I love how creative gender reveals are these days and this one I will say was one to remember. They took their love for the bay area specifically Vallejo, California and you’ll see some familiar “sprinkle me ” faces. All the little details were just amazing, from the Momosa Bar, to the brunch food spread and sprinkled desserts, from the personalized snap chat filters, to the “Sprinkle Me Mane” photo booth and to the reveal was priceless!

Amazing photography from their friend yung tiz which I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story along with some of the photos I took. This is just the gender reveal and can’t wait for the baby shower.

We do have lots of fun creating these moments!

Photo Credit: TIZBOOKING@Gmail.com

Favors Made By Me

Guess The Baby’s Birthday Made By Me

Personalized balloons

Prayer time loved how my sis asked Charles if he knew how to pray. She did a great job blessing our food.

Yummy Brunch

Photo Credit: TIZBOOKING@Gmail.com

Photo Credit: TIZBOOKING@Gmail.com

Baby 707 Coming Soon

Photo Credit: TIZBOOKING@Gmail.com

Parfaits made by Monique

Photo Credit: TIZBOOKING@Gmail.com


My creations

Momosa Bar Banner Made By Me Along with The Sprinkle Me Mayne Snapchat fliter

All the details my sister thought of

The yummy dessert table

Mini Chicken and Waffles

The Great Reveal IT’S A GIRL!

The Beautiful Parents To Be

The Whole Family!



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