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A Sweet Sixteen Suprise & Sister/Family Teamwork

March 21, 2017

When me and my sisters were asked to help our niece Aries’ Sweet Sixteen Surprise Party we were all excited. I can’t think of no one more deserving to have a great surprise. Aries is one of my girls. I’m close to all my nieces but when I moved to Sacramento we were literally minutes away from each other. I was able to watch her grow as me and my husband often watched her and her brother when they were younger.

Auntie Laura who is Aries’ grandma wanted it very personal with her favorite things starting with the colors red and light blue and flower carnations. Once we figured a theme to go with her favorite things we started creating. We always are Pinterest inspired and take a lot of the elements we like and personalize it. This theme is a Kate Spade Inspired Theme minus the pink.

A little background on my graphic and crafting skills. I’ve always been a creative person and I’ve been creating invites, programs and favors for the family for a while. However I will say my little sisters are even more creative. Love when we can collaborate because when we do it’s a beautiful thing. Now add the family it’s the full package. My husband’s family and even my side of the family knows how to throw a party.

It’s that island hospitality and you will feel it from the moment you enter the room. We joke often that we have to go into business. We have creatives that make things, family that throw down on some food, bakers of yummy desserts… Name it.. we got it..

Now the process for me is a little more challenging. It requires time and energy that I seem to have less of when it comes to managing my health and family life these days. I call it a labor of love because all the cutting, creating, gluing… all takes time. It doesn’t help also that I work with an older computer with older programs but I use what I have and I make it work. My contributions to this family effort was the invitation, banner, favors and helping with the photo booth.

My little sisters made all the paper flowers, photo booth props, bow ties that dressed up the candy bar, and other decorations. We had some of the cousins help us install the photo booth background. When I got there the aunties were already hard at work decorating and below you’ll see the finish results. Most of these photos were taken by Auntie Laura.

I love to see the family come together. This is just an example of how beautiful it is to collaborate creatively especially for special moments like this. I believe every sweet sixteen should have a special celebration. It’s that time in the life where things start to get real. You could start driving, getting ready for college and a few years into entering your adult years. My youngest is just a few months away from turning sixteen so it’s all getting oh so real.

We were also asked to bring Aries to her surprise party. It was held in Vallejo which is about an hour away. We told her it was a Guam “Chamorro” Club’s party and it was semi formal and you had to dress up. This was the part I was a little nervous about because Aries isn’t a dress person.

Thankfully her mom bought her something but just in case that day we picked her up early enough to go to the store. She ended up helping me pick the cute stripped romper I wore that day. I got her some accessories to go with her outfit and she was good to go. I didn’t want to act to obvious but wanted to make sure she was all ready for her big surprise.

The surprise was a huge success and thankful how everything just came together. To see her in tears made my heart melt. I truly live for moments like this!

I will say Auntie Laura and the rest of the aunties did an amazing job coordinating everything. I know me and my sisters were happy to be apart of it.

What do you think should we go into business?

M&M&M sister designs 😀❤️😆❤️

Happy Birthday Beautiful Aries!

Yummy Island BBQ “Chamorro” Food

Cousin Love! Sign Made By Kenny>BeRefined Creative Direction/ IG: @berefinedcd






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