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The Stories Behind the Camera

March 9, 2017

These are my people, my family, perfectly placed in front of an expensive camera… This was one of the first creative family photo session we took in 2011. We were all polished and loved the vintage style in the photography. I wanted different and unique family photos other than studio photos and will say this photo session pulled a lot of creative thoughts and collaborating ideas with my childhood photographer friend, Jailyn. With some stylizing from hair, make-up and accessories. I will say it was a lot of fun for me to get dolled up. Not as fun for my family or at least what they thought at first…

I remember that day so well… how we rushed last minute to find color coordinating matching outfits. My boys including husband were not in the mood. It was early morning that went into the afternoon. My husband worked Noc shift at the time so he didn’t get any sleep. I was already feeling lots of unknown pains and still wanted to be cute and wear my heals–even though I was limping. Come to find out the infection, Valley Fever that I fought a year earlier was resurfacing in a furious way. What was primarily in my lungs was now in my hip, spine and chest.

Multiple surgeries and procedures later, including metal rod and screws in my back, and losing my kidney transplant, and lots of family changes. Fast forward to five years later we were taking a walk in Old Sacramento which is somewhere we regularly like to go. One of my favorite place to take photos! We took the opportunity to recreate those 2011 family photos. We weren’t made up or ready for photos but it was just us on a typical day. It was funny to recreate the scenes and without the edits; you really do just see us.

In the five year time span we had to walk through some of the darkest moments; from the lost of health to the lost of loved ones. You would never know what it takes to have these family moments. The camera has the ability to tell our stories. The professional photos allows my family to show our personalities in a creative way. Though most of the photos were posed with a creative eye it clearly shows our quirky selves and the not so perfectly posed photos I will say were my favorite! My boys surprised me as they are naturals behind the camera!

Several scars later we are still here kicking and fighting. I am thankful my family from that point forward have been amazing sports to create family photos such as these. Now we collaborate more creatively and it’s been a great healing outlet for us. We always have been into fashion, I obviously always loved photography, and being able to share the things we love together as a family and individually has helped me to stretch myself in ways that I couldn’t even imagine. Warrior LifeStyle was birthed and I’m ready to see where this next chapter in sharing will take me.

I’m thankful to take part in #theheartfeltgrid challenge to help me get to the heart of why I started sharing and blogging. Today’s challenge was perfect to blog here to show the behind the scenes mess. As we continue to collaborate creatively as a family and individually–I want all that we have walked through to be the driving force for everything I write and anything I create. I want to be able to keep sharing especially the behind the scenes because though I love to share perfectly pretty photos I have to remember that sharing the imperfections is also what makes us who we are.

What is your beautiful mess? Please do share some of your behind the scenes stories with me?

Here are more photos from our family session in 2011

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