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Holding On To Love And Strong Roots

February 2, 2017

As we go into a new month and wrap up chapter one to the twelve of this year. It felt like a strong start with the traveling and all but as some hard things shook things up for me. Unfortunately the details I’m unable to speak about; which makes it hard for someone who uses expression as a way of healing.

As my body started to break down along with the extra pressures coming at me. I felt that struggle of not being able to share what’s happening especially when its concerning my family and things that have triggered a lot of things for me in the past.

I tried to fight everything coming at me by resting and quieting my mind. Pain can have its way and negative things can be easily intensified. As you know the atmosphere in our country is already tense. Since I don’t like to form an opinion until I further research reliable sources. I am reading a lot of the articles circulating the social feeds.

I have pretty much made up my mind on how I feel about it all. Shared a few things but I’ve always been a neutral person with the ability to see both sides. However when it has the potential to effect my way of life as I count on many support services such as Medicaid and MediCal; it makes me nervous to say the least.

However, I also have been encouraged by all those truly being warriors and fighting for what they believe in with so much dignity and in love. To follow the peaceful protest of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley, to name a few…

It only makes me think of how I can be apart of the solution?

I feel the way to fight this all is how I’ve fought a lot of my battles in a positive way. Giving back how ever I can; which mainly has been sharing my story. As I had a lot planned with the Warrior LifeStyle blog, brand and an eBook that is unfortunately taking me forever to edit.

I have already pushed the date twice and thought I would’ve been able to knock out the rest this past week. I barely was able to look at it as my husband and sons started to get sick right behind me.

I apologize for the delays and I want to just get back to working things that truly are my passion and something positive for me to keep up with. The new support from fellow bloggers and creatives  have been amazing and has allowed me to dream again. In the process fuel my family’s dreams.

It has helped me see regardless of all the crap that’s going on that I am so blessed to have my family who are my teammates in life. Their success is our success and together being able to have vision and fight for the things we believe in is truly all I could ask for in life.

As we all felt our health returning we got to get out and do some celebrating for my husband Daniel, our Uncle Dave, and brother-in-law Dana. Earlier in the month we all went out to dinner at Bucca Deppo in Sacramento (As seen on the clip). We ended the month with a traditional family dinner that my mother in law was always good to do for her babies. After her passing we do our best to keep the traditions going.

As I sat there cooking a meal with my family, I couldn’t help but feel my mother in law’s presence and lately with the extra pressures and holidays I’m sure I’m not the only one that misses her even more. Her wisdom and love for her family is her legacy. I am just thankful it’s embedded in us all and lives on in us.

We gathered in the house where it all started. I moved there when I was 17 years old and it’s where me and Daniel started our family. There has been many dinners, celebrations, milestones in that home in the city of Benicia, California. It is that same block me and Daniel had our first place and built our lives. It’s our roots and coming back we always remember.

Now my sisters have their own children and my younger sister just found out she’s having her first child. We were talking about how she remembers when I was pregnant and she was only in first grade and me and her brother were Seniors in High School. Here we are now a couple of decades later and our family is growing. Though we only have each other now we are grateful to have such strong family support around us.

Family is everything and it’s something that may have gotten a little lost in my family after my parents divorced and went their separate ways. However, the traditions remain strong and no matter what it will always bind us. Regardless of the complications, the loss, and hardships. Love will always remain.

So no matter what’s going on in the world, the heartache, health challenges… When we come together its always healing and I will say I cherish it even more so because of everything we’ve gone through.

Are family continues to grow! Dinner at Bucca di beppo, 1249 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825, (916) 922-6673

“Taking in a little sunshine after being in bed all weekend. As it was storming outside I felt the storm in my body and knew I needed to take some time to rest. Yesterday I woke up feeling better and ready for my reevaluation to get back on the donor list. For those who don’t know my story. I’ve been battling kidney failure since 2005. I had a transplant that unfortunately failed due to an infection-that I have been fighting and will be fighting regardless if I’m transplanted or not. Prayfully going into this new season with the possibility of a new kidney. I know it will come with much sacrifice but one I’m willing to take if it can provide a better quality of life. In the meantime as I’m in the midst of my storms in life I will have to always remember how necessary it is for me to bloom and grow. Storms make roots grow deeper and stronger! I’m ready to rise up and keep declaring the daily miracles in my life and yeah a new kidney will help too!” Warrior LifeStyle IG

“Warrior. I will keep fighting the good fight period! Love how that simple period at the end made me remember this. Thank you @thesparrowco @a.girl.inspired I have had my eye on this mug. I been so blessed with the amazing support of fellow #creatives/#bloggers and only inspires me more to keep sharing and creating. Even when it’s hard and I will say lately it hasn’t been easy with the extra chronic pain I’ve been dealing with and certain situations that has added extra pressure. However, I’m thankful to have this new addition to my daily routine of getting up, armoring myself to be an effective warrior God has created me to be. With a good word and some coffee! . “The one who obeys God’s instruction for today will develop a keen awareness of His direction for tomorrow” . From my #currentread: #TheBestYes by Lysa Terkeurst” WarriorLife IG

The Nephew and Neice rocking out my boys custom Iron Man Distressed Shirts

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Custom jacket love the beading and design!


The Baby Cousins Mila and Marquez

Our Family Dinner Fried Shrimp & Catfish PoBoys

If this living room can tell all the many stories this is where it began for us! Family is a circle of love and strength… carrying the legacy



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