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New Year Same Me – Los Angeles to San Diego

January 7, 2017

Happy New Year and cheers to a new year in blogging! New Year and yes the same me… Though I feel the end of the year is a good time to reflect on all you have learned the year prior and turn that page to allow yourself to grow into a new chapter. I know at the end of the day I am still the same person. I still have to fight like I fought the year before. I just now have to actively live what I learned, to grow from it and continue to aim for the goals I set regardless of the timelines. Since now each day trying is just enough. The aim is to truly live and that needs to be enough.

For my first blog of the year I wanted to share video clips of our New Year’s Eve travelling from Los Angeles to San Diego. Hoping to do more vlogs for the new year and maybe get some face time too. Honestly writing is more my thing but it’s something I want to improve at and get comfortable with. I love to capture moments through video as well as photos and there are lots of good footage on my Snapchat and it’s giving me some vlogging practice.

For these clips it’s a preview of what it takes for me to enjoy moments that make me feel alive. I don’t have any intentions to glamorize kidney failure and dialysis. It’s really a pain in the behind but we have adapted. Having my hubby as a full-time caregiver has restored so much for me. Last year I started the year on oxygen and began to have new heart and lung issues.

Thankfully home hemodialysis has helped sustain the health I do have and my heart and lungs have passed many grueling test in 2016; to come out with stable results. I’m going into the new year with new hope for a future kidney transplant. Something that I couldn’t even think about this time last year. For now all I can do is take it day by day. As it’s still unclear what the future may hold. However, I have these moments that gives me so much hope for the future.

I will be honest it’s been full of ups and downs and you will mostly see me speak of the good moments. As some of these hard moments are really something that I feel is just mine especially as I process it. Unless there is a lesson to be shared…

I unfortunately came home to some sad news that has hurt my heart. Maybe one day I can share more but for now I’m in it. I have to walk through it just as I walked through many battles.

With grace, God and my family by my side I know we will get through this one too. In the past I may have resorted to a pause button and isolation. Just so I can fully process it and sometimes still neccessary. However, as I started this new chapter with Warrior Life & Style blog and brand and trying to finish the Maribel’s Kidney Story Ebook it has brought a new freedom to share more and a commitment that I want to keep up with. I believe as long as your alive you should keep working towards a goal.

Helps you to keep moving forward…

There are lots of great new memories I want to share about our trip but I think the video and photos below highlights all the love and creative expression I’m able to have when we get away. Though I had to vacation from my blogging however the sharing seems to never stop. Our time in San Diego was short but it was the first time as a family to spend some time there. I had to bring my dogs since the NYE holiday was very difficult to find dog sitters. The places we could bring them was limited so we just explored and was happy to see the beach.

Back in L.A. it was a little easier as I could leave my dogs at my sister’s house while we explored my sister’s new backyard. She moved from Studio City (the valley) to Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) and as much as she’s falling in love with the creative and foodie scene there we are too. I also got some good exercise because she no longer has to drive and the downtown living has made her life more simplified to live and work there. It has inspired us as a creative family for new ideas and you better believe we will be back!

If you follow my social media you know by now that I do love to document these moments. When I say I fight for them it’s literally a fight–to organize all the supplies and administer my treatments so I can live a little; not to mention the chronic pain I deal with especially in the winter months.

It was amazing to be with family for some late Christmas celebrating and ringing in the New Year. We started the New Year in Hawaii watching my cousin get married and to end with another family trip to San Diego has helped me remember how this love has carried me through. When I started this blog I felt my Hawaii video/post captured the essence of what I wanted the Warrior LifeStyle blog to be all about. Taking that Aloha lifestyle (See past blog here) and remembering where you come from, what you fight for, and the beautiful moments that really make life worth fighting for.

No family is perfect but I will say ours is a great example of God’s unconditional love. They’ve seen me go through so much in my life yet never judged me instead loved on me more. This is a legacy passed down from my grandparents. All the sacrifices made has really paved the way. A tradition carried on and what we are teaching to our own kids now. This family value is our legacy. I hold a lot of pride when it comes to that and wanted to share a glimpse of my heart and what makes me feel like I’m not just surviving but thriving.

As I believe we were all made to be mighty warriors. We all have a fight story and we don’t have to fight alone. It doesn’t always have to be your own blood. Family is made by a group of people who walk through life together–Who support one another through good and bad times–Who will reach out and support one another. Sometimes your born into in and sometimes you chose it!

Happy New Year Fellow Warriors… New year… Same me… and that’s okay!

Cheers to more faith, family, food, fashion, fun adventures to come!

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Late Christmas NYE Holidays with The Villatuya Family in San Diego

Loving all the creative inspirations Downtown L.A. offers

The Last Book Store

453 S Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Store Phone: 213-488-0599

Love all the building wall art in DTLA

Lots of good walking in DTLA

My handsomes

Yummy matcha green team latte and Napoleon dessert

Urth Downtown LA
451 S Hewitt Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
213 797 4534

Beautiful and inspiring Wall Art

The Arts District Co-op

453 Colyton Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90013


We Love Our Furry Babies!

Jesus Saves is my sister’s view!


Till next time DTLA

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