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2016 Restoration Year and The 9 Lessons Learned

December 30, 2016

Counting down to the New Year and reflecting on the highs, the lows and how much I was able to accomplish in 2016 which includes this new blog. Living with kidney failure for over a decade I learned to not focus on the losses but on all the gains. Through the loss I’ve gained a deeper connection with God, I’ve seen how temporary things are in this world, on top of the life I’m living. I honestly didn’t know what to do with all that I’ve gained in my fight for life.

All I knew to do was guard myself with many Bible studies, conferences, volunteering, ministries… Things that built me up because half the time I felt defeated and this was my natural coping. In that process I have grown a lot. However, I knew the balance of filling up and being able to give it back.

I’ve blogged since 2006 on and off with Maribel’s Kidney Story which is now being transformed into an Ebook. Though my story hasn’t changed I felt a tug in my spirit to start this new chapter. Warrior Life & Style was created and thankful in the short 3 months what I was able to do with it and going into the New Year I’m excited for new creative inspirations through the many aspects of my fight for life. I’m sure it will change as we go but feel 2016 brought lots of restoration and 2017 will only be more restorative years. My word for the new year is RISE.

I feel next year we will rise to new depths. Rise up beyond the ashes.

Out of these ashes beauty will RISE
And we will dance among the ruins
We will see it with our own eyes
Out of this darkness
New life will shine
And we’ll know joy is coming in the morning.
-Steven Curtis Chapman

Though this isn’t a whole year of post it’s still a good representation of my year. Full of restoration, a year of stable health, and new beginnings. I like to look back and take the lessons learned and keep moving forward>>> In the theme of the top nine here our my top nine lessons learned in 2016.

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9 Top Lessons Learned in 2016

1. Material Loss Can Be Restored

This is actually a lesson learned through lots of years of the hustle and grind. We have loss much but have gained more by releasing the grasp. This was the first year my hubby left his full-time “state” job–we left that security behind and we had to budget even more. We haven’t been able to fix our cars and this year brought us a new car. With patience, obedience and a little faith you can always recover material loss. What’s important is that you don’t lose sight of the real treasures in life which usually aren’t material.

2. Forgive Quickly

This is something I had to act out a lot not only within my family but other situations. Don’t allow unforgiveness to fester and take control of you more than it should. Instead let that crap go and once you forgive–take a mental picture in your head–of that offense literally leaving the weight that is on your shoulders and give it to God/your higher power who knows what to do with it. Walk out that forgiveness and you’ll see how easier it is to forgive than to be holding on to it. You can’t change certain situations and people but you can change and chose how to react.

3. Healthy Boundaries

This is probably a good action after the act of forgiving. Put healthy boundaries to things, people who are not adding to your life but taking away. Though sometimes we must balance this because we also need to invest some of that energy to helping others even when they don’t deserve it. However know how to draw that clear line when you need to have a healthy boundary for the sake of your own health, sanity, or the precious time you have. Sometimes we have to choose wisely.

4. Being Able to Say No and Not Feeling Guilty

This is something that had to be practiced over time for me and still something I can struggle with. However, I spent two years in Celebrate Recovery for my codependency issues since I had a bad habit of overcompensated a lot for what I couldn’t do. I will say in the past couple years I was able to say no and not feel guilty about it. I know if they were real friends, family, people who wanted in my life they would understand.

5. Stay Honest and Hustle Honestly

There is nothing better than to build genuine relationships and connections but the only way to do that is to be real and genuine. Have integrity in what you do and you will reap the benefits of being transparent. Now that we have the new warrior life & style blog/brand I’m hoping to be an example of this–by being transparent in sharing my story and to encourage others fighting the good fight–through positive words and affirmations–but also balancing it when things get rough because truly that is how life is.

6. Take Chances

If I allowed my chronic illnesses to detect my choices I probably wouldn’t do anything. I was thankful that my family and I was able to experience traveling to Hawaii. That was one of those chances that we took and didn’t know as we planned that we would actually make but when we got there it was a trip of many first time experiences and has really opened all of our eyes to the many possibilities. There for here’s this blog that will share all of it!

7. Keep Learning

As I mentioned above I have spent a l0t of my time in self and spiritual growth. This year I opened my eyes to free online Econferences to help me finish my first Ebook and plan and create this new blog. It helps to keep growing especially in your gifting or whatever your trying to achieve. I am now able to give back all that I’ve learned through the years in format of this blog. I feel as long as you keep learning you will keep growing!

8. Stay Connected

Something that has only benefited me through the years through social media and blogging. The power of staying connected to others. Trust me I love my small circles and privacy but getting to know new people has only enriched me and my support system has grown. Keep sharing, keep connecting and you will see how being connected to others will always benefit you personally and even professionally.

9. Rest, Restore and Rise

Lastly, the three “R’s” that has helped me tremendously and in this specific order… Take time to rest, so you can be restored and then you can rise up to do whatever life got in store for you. I can’t say what the future holds but I know as long as I keep my commitments to self-care, making sure I’m eating right, resting right and making good life choices that can only benefit me. I have nothing to lose but everything to gain when I’m doing that.

As we close out this New Year in reflection and make goals/resolutions I think it’s okay to look back as long as it reminds you of the growth to move forward.

Let’s keep fighting fellow warriors for the good life! Don’t let temporary things make you lose sight of the permanent things!

Your warrior in Life and Style,


#NewBlogPost #linkinbio #Meetmyteam – #mywarriorfamily>> 2016 Family Photos .•••. . . . . . . . 

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#fridayintroductions I thought this is a great intro to understanding what it is that I’m trying to achieve with my new blog #warriorlife_style it’s to connect and work with fellow warriors like @a.girl.inspired who took my photos and gave me my first content and her photos featured what I wanted to share through my love for #faith, #family, #food, #fashion and all that me and my family our fighting for through creating moments and things all as a source of healing and inspiration. This is #communityovercompetition operating in our lives and in our dreams. Today #1111, Sarah/#agirlinspired launches @thesparrowco the same day her son is receiving a #kidneytransplant. I wanted to repay her for the photos she took of me but she told me because I shared my story it helped her son and their family know that life can be lived under any circumstance. There is hope. That was a huge motivator for continuing to share my story and pursue all the goals and dreams that God has put in me. Thank you @risingtidesociety challenge for bringing creatives together and feel #inspired and #motivated to keep working together with you all! >>> Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Maribel’s been fighting for her life – for 11 years >> 

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“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – M. L. K., Jr.

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#MotivationMonday #warriorlife_style #ootd

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Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path ◄ Psalm 119:105

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Wedding on a Wednesday. What a joyous occasion for our family. Congrats to our nephew Angelo & Kristen

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For today’s #therechargechallenge it asked for a photograph of yourself and to share goals for 2017. As I step out in faith with Warrior Life & Style I want it to be a reflection of the beauty in scars and your fight. The inner acceptance of the life given and to draw closer to a light source especially in the midst of tough times. To embrace the battle scars and know that each scar represents the battle you have overcome. What tried to kill you only made you stronger. These are the many lesson I’ve learned during over the decade fighting for my life and I am happy to use this new platform to advocate for life and share the many creative outlets that has helped me and my family heal. Thank you @risingtidesociety community for bring creatives together and allowing us to join forces in such a positive way! Photo credit: @a.girl.inspired

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“Joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary.” – Brene Brown (today’s #therechargechallenge quote) Loved to reflect on this as I have taken full advantage of the rest portion of this challenge. Literally taking one task at a time today. Not completing everything planned but getting some new things accomplished & getting ready for the next day. Day 2: A behind the scenes of me enjoying life. During the winter my pain level increases as I have hardware in my upper spine. As I prepare for another getaway soon I must prepare with lots of rest. This personal time takes planning because more has to go into it since I have life sustaining treatments that still has to revolve around my trips. Visiting my sister @maritessinc is always a second home and easy to have a restful getaway for me and the family. The best part about getting away is not the destination but the memories that is created with loved ones. A change of scenery especially when beautiful is always helpful to turn off the daily cares and the work mode. With careful planning and budgeting we’re able to. There’s a couple reflective getaway post #bestof2016 ready to be shared. For now more rest so I can recharge to even have these moments. . . . . . . 

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