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Warrior Life & New Merchandise

December 23, 2016

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth. Psalm 127:4

When I’m thinking of my warrior life I think of the scripture above and how my arrows in life have molded me to be the mighty warrior that I could ever be. Would it be easier to do life if you knew it had to be selfless? That it really wasn’t all about you? That your purpose was to produce arrows that was gonna be the offspring of all you worked hard for.

In a life that is in constant fighting stance. I believe this principle becomes more real. As you are an example of a life that is meant to be fought for–your arrows–whatever that may be that is what will continue your legacy.

Warrior Life & Style was created to bring this awareness. That our warrior life is for the future generations. We must keep fighting for them and their future.

Arrows are not meant to be kept safe from not moving forward. They are to be released to make an impact in the world.

When I get up in the morning off of my nightly dialysis treatments. With the fog of fatigue and tiredness. I have my daily reminders–My sons are my arrows.

Store Update – New Merchandise

The first batch of beanies sold fairly quick and was hoping that we would be able to keep the pom-pom beanie with no cuff. It is my favorite style as it’s a little more flexible and lightweight. It will be specifically what I’ll look for during my next Downtown L.A. trip. In the meantime we still have a few more in burgundy and pink.

I did find a new black pom-pom beanie with the cuff. This will definitely give more warmth for these winter months. It’s thicker material as well and a little more because of the pricing. I will say well worth it!

Thank you all who have supported us in the first two weeks opening our online shop. We will rotate products as we create them until sold. More merchandise is planned in the new year.

By starting small we can learn our systems that we will have in place. So far it’s been a great learning experience. To see the process from purchasing the product, to creating the embroidery that Marcelo does, to the easy online ordering system, and delivery.

The main thing I’m thrilled about is how my son (my arrows) are all apart of this and learning as we create our home business.

All proceeds will go towards continuing to spread awareness to the warrior life brand, medical fund and towards my young entrepreneur son who is creating most of the products we put out.

We appreciate all the support as we continue to create and share with the world!

Also, I’m wearing The Sparrow Co. Warrior Life Shirt they made to raise funds for my medical relief fund. I’m very thankful for this special design that spreads the “Warrior Life”Message.  Check out their inspirational tees and get a hold of this Warrior Life Shirt at: thesparroweffect.com


Get the new merch here:



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