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Nineteen On The Nineteen, Reflections And Our Love For Food

December 22, 2016

Celebrating Marcelo’s Nineteen on the Nineteen. Photo Credit N. Herche Photography

Celebrating birthdays is always a perfect time to celebrate the life of that person. When I’m celebrating my babies I’m even more sentimental and always think back at every year of life. How much they’ve grown. The hard lessons along with the victories. I wish I can say my nineteen years raising up my now young man was perfect.

However it was everything but… I was a teen mom and at his age now he was a one year old and we had to grow up together. Not to say the parenting didn’t mature me and my world’s view turned from myself to him and the little family I was creating with Daniel.

Nineteen years of lessons learned, building up, reinforcing and now as an adult he has become a better version of us inheriting the quirky things that uniquely makes us who we are. Though there are many unique qualities that only makes him who he is. I often wondered what kind of kid we were gonna have with the two stubborn knuckleheads we were. I thought for sure we had to brace ourselves for the teen years as we were gonna get some kind of pay back.

Maybe we have in other ways but the truth has prevailed as we tried to stay as transparent allowing them to know us for the good and the bad. Like any parent I didn’t want them to learn the kind of lessons we had to learn the hard way. I feel he’s gotten through those teen years smoothly and now as an adult I’m learning everyday to allow him to start coming into his own and pursuing whatever he puts upon his heart.

A wise beyond years young man. He thinks at all angles; a thought process that is always well thought out and when he executes there is always an eye for attention and detail. He has helped encouraged me in this blog and love the practice he is getting with the Warrior Life & Style line. From sewing, to embroidery work and knowing fashion the way he does. It’s amazing we were able to put out the beanies earlier than we had planned and open shop. Something I know will be a great strength as he goes into this world on his own.

This year has been a milestone year as he graduated High School and started college. He had to grow up fast due to our circumstances and have had added stresses that I knew would’ve easily swayed him but instead it only made him a better person. At the age of nineteen I’m proud of all he’s becoming and know it’s just the beginning.

These are the things I love to celebrate. I’ve always loved celebrating birthdays and enjoyed planning. Even more so as my health started to fail. I’ve always loved creating invitations, favors and other things through the years. Also learning to cook a variety of foods always enough to feed a party and enough to feed my boys for a couple of days. Something I learned from his granny.

Who he was really close to and this will be the second year celebrating without her. As a family we still try to keep our traditions being together especially on birthdays. Though it will never be the same we continue to celebrate life especially for the loved ones who passed on.

We obviously enjoy food and will say my oldest has grown a really distinct palette for some good food (my biggest food critic). I was happy for the energy to cook some of his favorite dishes. Which are usually a little more labor intensive requiring a lot of extra love and time. It’s that labor of love.

As I mentioned in past post it’s our love language. These winter months we tend to eat more hearty. We have already made good practice in trying to prepare things as whole as we can and from scratch. With the best products we can get are hands on. Not always easy on our budget. However it’s something we also learned to do through the years. Give or take. Not to say we don’t have cheat meals like the soul food we had for my son’s birthday.

This tends to be more of an occasion food or Sunday dinner type of meal. This is the balance that I love sharing with my fellow warriors. How to celebrate life and not have to feel guilty for it. It’s always a balance and one that I am continuing to learn and grow in. I’ve had lots of practice raising up my family.

I am thankful to have this new blog to share this part of our lives and promise to share more recipes as I learn how to dissect the measurements more better…

Nineteen years of learning and growing in all the areas of life with my son has been full of adventures through all aspects. From family, to faith, to fashion, to food and the fun. Combining it all to fully enjoy what this life has to offer and celebrating it for all it can bring.

Thank you our warrior family for being there!

Collard Greens and Bacon

Gumbo with lots of seafood that yummy broth is underneath all that

A little of everything on my plate. Thanks Uncle Dana & Auntie Caela for The Boiling Crab and yes that cracker was stolen from Joe’s Crab Shack, lol!

Yummy Mac & Cheese Casserole

Nineteen on the Nineteen Happy Birthday Month/Week to my Marcelo




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