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Dreaming, Living and Los Angeles

December 16, 2016

As I’ve reflected on this past year this week with The Rising Tide Recharge Challenge which ended with the planning of 2017 goals.

As we move into the New Year my hopes is to have more family quality time and some more travelling especially to my getaway spot to my sister’s home in Los Angeles. I’ve had this post along with a few favorite highlights of the year drafted up since I started this blog but as I got in the grove with getting content out regularly it sat there waiting for this perfect time as I wrap up 2016.

When I have personal time like this I try to savor the moment and often have to tune out the social media world to tune into the quality time. As these moments are precious and I do fight hard to have them.

Sharing is just another way to show my appreciation of the moment and love for life and Instagram has made it easy to share instantly. With words I like to reflect a little deeper and unfortunately can take some time.

My sister’s home has always been a second home since I lived with her in L.A. As I mentioned in My Fighting and Style Roots post when I was sent to live with her as a teen. It’s why my sister and I are very close and I often wish she was closer in distance for more time. The time we have I always cherish.

You never forget the people who was there for you when you were young. It’s something about that growing stage that puts fundamental things that become apart of your D.N.A. That’s why I have so much love for the kids, including nieces and nephews–that I was thankful their parents trusted us to help take care of throughout the years.

Even though I became ill I still knew how to care and to give love. If anything I had more time to care now that I was living on life-sustaining dialysis treatments since the age of 25 years old. I will say more passionately and more intentional. I have found passions and opportunities in every stage of my kid’s life from the P.T.A., kid’s camp, children’s church, youth group, etc…

Now at the age of thirty-seven and the kids are now pre-adult and an adult things have shifted. Me and Daniel have been so focused on changing dysfunctional family patterns, getting through life, and keeping the family unit afloat.

Though not perfect it was enough and we have learned and grown from it. Even if it was more challenging with my chronic illnesses and there was no longer physical things that I can do especially as the years progressed.

I have come to terms I can no longer work a regular nine to five. This meant I needed to learn a new hustle. That’s when I felt like I needed to get gangsta and take some of my rebellious roots and fight. I had to learn a lot of crap through the years.

I have endured months of excruciating pain. Fighting from the time I woke, physical pain, anger, hurt, loss, disappointment and my family knew the battle I had to fight as they can see it with their eyes and feel it in their spirits. The battlefield was within our whole family. Only choice was to fight together.

When we turn to God and the word it gives us life and hope. It pours into our souls like fresh water, living water and there is hope, it softens whatever hardness the darkness tried to put upon our souls.

There in those moments we know there is a God. I know he has built us up to be a supernatural being. Not conform to the world standards but to a Heavenly standard.

We Are Mighty Warriors!

That is gracious, soft in heart, to receive healing and blessing. In the process of this life pursuit we have become better people, our marriage is more solid, and there for our family has reaped so many blessings within our crazy storm that it has always outweighed all the loss.

That is my dream and my vision for Warrior Life & Style. I want to live, I want to enjoy getting up each day and clothing myself in what I call my warrior style.

Some days it’s sweat pants, a hat, sneakers, hair in a bun and no make up and other days it’s my favorite dress, all dolled up with matching jewelry and heals ready to match my fashionable family.

My dream is to be able to share this and inspire others to keep fighting for the good days and embrace the bad days–for it’s all apart of building you up to be the strong person you were created to be.

Behind the smiles, pretty clothes, yummy food, celebrations there is a fight. This is just the products of the continued victories overcoming the good fight.

Let’s start early and mentoring early like my sister did for me during my growing up years. Where root system begin… Or start now… It’s never to late!

My reflection this past week made me remember my greatest role of being a mom and a mentor. This has given me a drive to nurture the same thing in my own kids and the future generation.

I am hoping to create more moments to share in 2017, more dreaming, more living and some trips to L.A. too can’t hurt and beyond…

Here are photos of our last trip to my sister’s new home in downtown Los Angeles enjoying the new scenery.

More pretty veiws & fixing our eyes on the beauty that we are always surrounded by. Gia is loving the view!

More good eats and healthy foods such as this antibiotic & steroid free chicken kabob dish. So yummy and healthy. Find it at the Panini Cafe, several locations in L. A. This is their DTLA location. Panini Cafe

More Family Quality Time Captured! Loved the lobby’s decor, such a creative environment to be living in!

More creations by Celo – Thankful how he’s gotten Warrior Life & Style Store with the beanies, up and going and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this boy!

More dreaming, this will never stop. Smokey looking upon the horizon.

More Rest and Relaxing. Always a balance but soo needed. Love travelling with our babies and fur babies.

More exploring and learning especially in our own city of Sacramento

More Fun & more laughter because we know how good that is for the soul! Me and my sister love them Snapchat filters!

More Inspiration! We get so inspired in DTLA, close to the garment district. Lots of creative inspirations here!

All the way up! Skies the limit! We ready for the New Year!



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