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10 Affordable Ways To Get Some Holiday Cheer – Our Holiday Fun In Suisun City

December 6, 2016

If you’re a California girl like me winters are hibernation season. Nothing is more ideal than to stay in bed watching a movie marathon. Which I feel there is nothing wrong with some Netflix and chill time. Since I like to save those days now for when my body needs the rest. I knew we needed some holiday cheer as I’m starting to see how we need that extra push just to get out of the house.

Planning is still very difficult especially during the winter months. Since my husband was getting together with some coworkers in Suisun City–me and my sons came along for the ride and got dropped off. I figured we could grab something to eat and do a little wandering together to kill time. We also like to make our trips well worth it and had planned to visit my sister-in-law and her babies.

Me and the hubby come from small towns and we can miss that small town feel and Suisun City definitely is one of those hidden gems. When we lived closer we often would go there. They have some great restaurants including La Cabana where me and the boys decided to have lunch.

Back when I worked in Fairfield it was a place that we would often go. The family was one of my coworkers and landlord at the time. It has grown to a bigger place from the brown wooden building/shack I remembered. They relocated a couple blocks to a bigger location and it was packed.

We were able to get seated right away in the bar area and it was perfect as they had sports on several big screen T.V.’s for my boys. I always feel we get a great value eating Mexican food for one it’s typically affordably priced and it’s filling. I love when we find spots that are similar to home cooking and I will say La Cabana is still very family oriented and yummy.

I noticed that there were a lot of people gathering at the waterfront and seen it was their Christmas tree lighting, boat parade and holiday fair. Though my boys are getting older they still like exploring with me and having that quality time.

I mentioned in past post (The Cheerful Giver) how we can get the holiday blues because it’s the holidays that we miss loved ones most. Getting out and doing things helps us get out of that mindset and remember how fortunate we are to have each other and not lose sight of all there is still to experience in life.

It’s because of the loss that we had in life that keeps us centered to really enjoy life and the little moments that we create. Our evening in Suisun reminded me of the simple joys of the holidays that are not far fetch to have.

The Christmas season is not only a time for Christians to remember the reason for the season. It’s all the warm giddy childlike feelings that come with it too. If your feeling a little blue this season here are 10 affordable ways to get some holiday cheer.

1. Grab A Favorite Holiday Meal

Tamales is one of our favorites. What is your Holiday favorite? Enjoy it at a local restaurant with your family. This was a great choice to get that holiday craving and have some quality family time at the same time!

La Cabaña Restaurant
325 Main St.
Suisun City, CA 94585

La Cabana de Suisun

2. Find A Holiday Parade

There are several holiday parades happening during the holiday season. Find your local event or attend another cities. If you live in the city and want that small town feel there are many places like Suisun City and this boat parade was an amazing holiday sight!

3. Enjoy Some Hot Coco While Taking A Holiday Stroll

For this occasion there were several businesses giving Hot Coco for free. Nothing like the cold winter night and some hot coco. Go to your local downtown and get some hot coco and take an evening stroll and enjoy all the holiday decor and festivities.

4. Enjoy A Bonfire

For this event they had a community bonfire and it reminded me how this is the time to enjoy outdoor bonfires. Find a community bonfire near you. Many shopping centers have them. Or make one in the comfort of your home. I know we will!

5. Attend Holiday Fairs

No better way to find holiday cheer than to find the perfect gift. Find your local Holiday Fairs. Not only are you supporting a local artisan and business but your able to find very personal and unique gifts at an affordable price.

6. Holiday Firework Shows

Many cities have them during the holiday festivities. A light show always bring some good cheer.

7. Enjoy All The Holiday Photo Opps

This is a beautiful season to capture and don’t forget the many places you can get a photo opportunity. During the season of giving you can make these presents and great holiday photo cards.

8. Spend Time With Kids

No holiday cheer better than being with kids. Allow their childlike spirit to bring the child out of you. This is what we love most when spending time with our nieces and nephews. Even teens need to have this to keep that spirit alive!

9. Play Board Games Or Games

During the holiday season when it’s cold outside. Playing board games (or games) is a great solution for family quality time, staying warm indoors and bringing some holiday cheer.

10. Have Creative Fun

Tis the season to be creative. This is the time to make decorations and even some unique gifts. Being creative has always been a healing source and why not tap into that for some genuine holiday fun!

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