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#FoodieFamilyFriday: Make It A Wing Night

December 2, 2016

One thing my family likes to do is to have themes for our dinners. For this Foodie Family Friday I like to share our wing night. I won’t be writing recipes for this but will let you know what we put in it as we like to make our own sauces. Always different depending what’s in our pantry. My boys have always loved them some wings!

There’s nothing like having it home cooked and easy enough for even my boys to do on their own. As a family we have fun with it. Got to put the love in it–You really can taste the difference when you’re enjoying what your cooking.

We usually get a huge bag at least 5-6 pounds because I do feed monsters aka sons. You can fry them frozen and found it better to fry in a deep fryer where there is controlled temperature. For my wings I baked it at 415 degrees along with the fries. I try to prepare things as healthy as I can though I can afford some extra calories during these winter months!

Make your next family dinner a wing night and add all the classic condiments and don’t forget to put the love in it!


Family Wing Night, lemon pepper, garlic parmesan, classic hot wing and soy sesame glaze wings

Lemon Pepper Wings made with butter & Mrs Dash Lemon Pepper

Classic Buffalo Wings made with half hot sauce & butter

Soy, Honey and Spicy Sesame Glaze with Red Rice

The best part is sharing the different flavors!

Ingredient Suggestions:



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