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10 Things My Son Learned From Mexico

November 29, 2016

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday I wanted to write about my son’s experience with his first missions trip to Mexico. Having two sons that served in missions has been a huge blessing to our family. As I’ve mentioned in past post (living missional) that there are lessons there that we as parents can never teach them that the mission fields will. We have been fortunate enough to give them the best we could but they know the struggle. As we have had our fair share as a family.

But nothing like what they experienced in Mexico giving them a glimpse of how small our world can be when we don’t get out and see for ourselves how much harder other countries have it. How the everyday things we can easily taken for granted like running water and even a roof over our heads.

Just like my oldest son the overwhelming experience was hard to even begin to explain. You just got to be there to understand. The photos they took told their stories and I asked Marquez to give me 10 things he learned from Mexico.

These are lessons I believe are very valuable to learn and take in our everyday life.

  1. It Is Better To Give Than To Receive – This doesn’t always have to be material. It’s giving of yourself which they did a lot of in Mexico. Though the financial help did allow them to build three homes for families in need. They were able to bless a whole community through volunteering in an orphanage, handyman work, and preparing a huge Thanksgiving meal. With this being my son’s first missions trip he got to witness how filling it was to give of himself.
  2. The Poorer Are Richer  – He seen first hand how much happiness these families had with the bare minimum. How could we have so much and still feel so helpless? He seen the genuine love that these communities and families had just with being with one another.
  3. The Home Is Just A Structure – As they built these small homes that are sheds in American standards. It served the purpose of being a shelter and that was the number one priority was to keep their families safe from the elements and from danger. The true home is your family–that is where home should always be.  So when we get caught up in wanting that dream home don’t forget the purpose of the home.
  4. Love Has No Barriers – Though there was a huge language barrier they were able to communicate with affection and being there. We were able to sponsor a 12 year boy named Kevin. We gifted a new backpack, outfit, shoes, and toy. My son will never forget how happy he was and they bonded immediately. The last day was the hardest because Kevin was crying for Marquez. Though they didn’t speak the same language the love was genuinely felt. There is nothing more powerful than that!
  5. Spiritual Food Is More Satisfying – Seeing hunger first hand gives you a perspective how the taste of food is so temporary to what spiritual food can give to the soul. Taking time to nourish your soul should be a priority just like eating food. For the foodie family that we are it’s always a good reminder for us to devote that time to nourishing our soul.
  6. Do Not Fear The Road Less Traveled – I won’t lie when I let my sons go on these missions trips I had a bit of fear sending them off to another country where there is obvious danger and a lot of unknowns. I had to trust that God was going to protect them. I had to be an example and let them go. Let them travel somewhere that people don’t go for leisure and let them see the beauty in the road less traveled. It truly can be a hidden gem.
  7. Love your father and mother – My son’s time in the orphanage gave a greater appreciation for us as parents. Even if your relationship is challenging remember there are people who don’t even know what it is to have parents. Honoring them truly honors God. They will be your first teachers, authority, mentors and friends.
  8. Take Pleasure in the Simple Things – Going to the dump communities he seen how happy these kids were just for interaction. At an early age they worked in the dumps with their families some orphans learning the way. This is their means for survival. Being able to preserve their childhood through a simple play structure has blessed them tremendously. From the time my oldest son went years back he got to see the first play structure be built and now my youngest got to bring another play structure.  mexico
  9. Stay Humble – I will say the best lesson that it has taught both my sons is to stay humble. The peace they have brought back has blessed our home in so many ways. We try to teach this in our daily lives but it’s hard at times to keep the humility that they found in Mexico in the noise of the busy lives we live. They have helped us remember the true peace of humility and I believe that’s where our heart resides.
  10. Live Missional – This has been the current theme of mine especially for this new blog and as my son prepared for this trip. It helped me remember that we all have a purpose and mission in this life. I hope the example of Warrior LifeStyle can reflect this. As I use this blog to reach the world. I only want to spread positivity and give back all our stories. Because you never know who your blessing. Your story has the power to heal, the power to touch hearts and the power to make great change in your world.

Quez will never forget Keven along with the other kids in Mexico. This has forever changed him and Mexico is now apart of his heart!

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