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Creative Ways To Host A Celebration

November 25, 2016

With Thanksgiving ending and now entering the Christmas season I thought it would be great to share some creative ways to host a celebration.

This Thanksgiving was a little different that I didn’t have my youngest son as he is in Mexico (see post). Though we had planned to go out-of-town as we normally do to see family we decided to be close to home.

We actually were invited to two of my youngest son’s closest friends family dinners. They all have become good friends to us. I think we all were missing Marquez but felt his presence being with them.

Since this is the first time I didn’t host my family’s Thanksgiving which is normally done the weekend of that week. However we’re all saving for a San Diego Christmas/New Year’s celebration trip. With that in mind we too have to buckle down to be able to make that trip.

I was inspired by all the decor and food and thought how these little things just ad that extra something to the celebration. Which I still was able to do with the friendsgiving dinner we had earlier in the month (see post). As a host I notice small details. I feel it’s in the small details that make an event special and memorable.

Here are some new creative ways to celebrate that I learned in the past events I attended and a few oldies but goodies from my experience being a hostess with the mostest.

Also, this year I didn’t have to cook all day and prepare. So I was able to be cute–but made sure I dressed for a whole day eating event. Check out the outfit of the day below.

  • Bring patterns into your centerpieces. I loved how The Jeffers Family incorporated a black and white stripe table runner along with pine cones–and brought out the reds in the fall leaves. Mix it up and think of patterns, different textures and bold colors.
    • Also, you do not have to spend a lot on decorations. I know Pinterest can make you feel pressured in having a certain look. Take ideas from it. The theme, the look and achieve it with whatever budget you have. Most times I work with what I have and get my things from the dollar store or look for clearance from the next day to save for the next year.
  • Have a variety of food. For your occasion it’s great to have some staple foods (like the turkey for Thanksgiving) but mix it up and make sure to share your family traditions. This year I got to enjoy some Hmong dishes, Filipino dishes and we made some Chamorro classic dishes that our friends requested. It was nice to see a few people have a new food experience.
  • For potluck dinners assign dishes. To make sure you have a complete spread make sure to assign what is needed at your event. If you have a baker in the family ask them to bake something. Think about people’s strengths too.
  • Prepare in advance. I’ve been guilty of staying busy in the kitchen while the event is going on and as a hostess even though that is your thing to do make sure to be present and to enjoy your occasion.
    • Prep, set the table in advance, and give yourself time to get ready for your event.
  • Games and activities. Depending on the event you can plan what kind of activities to have. A no brainier for my family is karaoke and poker. For the kids board games and think of some good group activities as well.
  • Photos, take a lot of them, assign someone, if the budget can allow a photographer –you will not regret it.
    • Create photo ops around your event. A simple backdrop with a banner, the centerpieces, think about the different places you can capture a memory.
  • Have a party theme, my side of the family is infamous for this. We’ve had 70’s, 80’s, P.J. themed Christmas parties and they are always absolutely fun!
  • Travel-Nothing like a destination holiday. Go to the snow, go to somewhere tropical, etc.. Nothing like celebrating and travelling as a group.
  • Chose the weekend of the holiday if it falls on a week day. We know all about those multiple event days and not everyone has the energy to do it. I know I no longer do. Chose a weekend date and celebrate when it’s more convenient for multiple friends and family’s schedules.

Continue to create and ad creativity in your next event. It only ads to the memories that are being created and gives that extra something to the occasion.

Let me know some of your creative ways to host a celebration?

Thank you Jeffers Family for having us!

I always have a little of everything!

This strawberry parfait dessert was to die for!

Thank you Baluyot Family for having us!

Always love sharing some of our family traditions

Can’t forget the turkey!

Inspired by the Thanksgiving Season with this Navajo printed sweater

Hubby was snapping away model status lol

Fridge boots to complete the look. Very comfy but cute look for this Thanksgiving holiday!

Achieve the Look



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