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10 Little Things To Be Thankful For

November 24, 2016

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I am doing what many are doing today–taking some time to write the things I am thankful for today. Even though I often do this in my daily devotion and prayers. I wanted to dig a little deeper on my thoughts of how the little things are the big things. As you feast today with your loved ones think of the small gestures you can give. It doesn’t have to be material because in the scheme of life it’s always going to be about the little things they always end up being the big things that you’ll always remember and cherish.

  1. Love and I love yous – It’s easy to forget to say those three simple words but telling your loved ones you love them as often as possible is the easiest little gesture that can warm up a heart.
  2. A warm embrace – Another gesture easily missed but hugs are scientifically healthy. We need the human touch and spiritually I feel it is another heart warmer. One hug a day can keep the haters away! Literally it is a total love gesture. Why not spread the love!
  3. Undivided Attention – Like many women I have always 100 things going through my mind and daily I’m trying to cross the list of the many things that have to get done. Often my husband will say hey look into eyes when I’m talking to you. It helps me to remember how important that undivided time is to give someone. Make sure to drop what you’re doing even for that second to communicate and give that focus and undivided attention.
  4. Quality Time – This also goes with undivided attention. However I will say this is a longer committed time that you give to someone. Make that investment in that person to give 100% of yourself in whatever you’re doing. That’s what makes the quality time.
  5. Encouragement – An uplifting word can make the world a difference in someone’s day. Even if it’s one thing you can find daily to uplift someone it is not only gratifying for the person who receives it but to the person who gives it. You are better for it!
  6. Patience – Is one of the fruit of the spirits because it takes great humility to have patience especially in moments where you can’t find patience. Remember you never know what people are going through. You don’t know their stories or maybe you do and even more of a reason to be patient in time where patience is needed.
  7. Prayer – Offering prayer in everything can seem like a small gesture but for the believer it is huge for the kingdom. You are speaking life into that prayer and putting it into the atmosphere. Nothing like putting life into existence in your prayers.
  8. Relationship – Invest in building relationship. Different people can bring different things out of you. If it is a lifetime friend, new friend, family… remember every relationship is valuable to your character. You could learn a lot even in the difficult ones.
  9. Kindness – Sometimes I know this can require some effort. It’s something that is good to give and receive as well. It can only spread good vibes and who can’t use some good vibes in their life. It’s healthy and even if you have to put a little effort to be kinder even in the hardest situations. It is a great weapon against hatred. Darkness can not extinguish darkness but light can.
  10. Spontaneous Fun – I believe this is an important one to have in your life. Nothing like some unplanned fun at a moments notice. Not only is it good for the health to have some fun– There’s something freeing within to just go with the flow of life and to just be able to let go. Embrace laughter and all the healing properties that an enjoyable moment can give you.

I hope you enjoyed some of the little things I’m reflecting on today. It’s what I’m trying to practice in my daily life and something easy for me to manage and easy for me to give of myself.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Much Love,

The Warrior LifeStyle Family

What are some small things that are the big things in your life?

One of my favorite family photos enjoying some spontaneous fun!



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