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Meet My Team – 2016 Family Photos

November 21, 2016

With the holidays near I thought it was finally time to share the family photos that we took earlier in the year. I specifically saved them for this time of the year as we prepare to send out our holiday/Christmas cards.

Photos have been another way to tell our story. I have been blessed to work with some talented photographers and their perspective always brought out another side to our stories. Because I loved these photos so much I wanted to wait to tell its story.

If you were wondering what makes this Warrior LifeStyle it’s my warrior family who has fought alongside with me since the day we realized we had to work as a team to get through living life with chronic illness. We didn’t really understand how important it was to work together as a unified unit until my health failed.

My boys were very young and we decided early on to help them understand that mommy was no longer healthy and we had to adjust accordingly. As I made a decision to be very open with my story to the world I wanted to be as open to my family. Never hiding that I needed dialysis to help me live. I didn’t want to sugar coat anything and just keep it real.

That it sucked however we were gonna do whatever we had to do to make it suck less. Not quite easy but we found the joy in life with the simple things. The things that fueled us to be hard-working parents was the same fuel that helped us do whatever it took to keep our lives afloat and raise up to young men that I knew had a big calling on their life from the day they were born.

Just as my husband and I did and what are parents tried to nurture in us. Though not perfect it was an example for us to plant within our own family. From the start we knew old patterns needed to be broken. As I digged deeper into the true healing for myself I found it in the little actions of everyday.

That is easily taken in the hustle and bustle of a busy life…

All that was planted into us from an early age. The loyalty of our family. The strength in our union and the faith and endurance that was building within with our fight for life. Though not perfect and always a continued learning process. It is everything. It is the air I breath. The love that keeps me going. The passion for the life that I see. All more vibrant and precious like a hidden gem.

There are many stories to be told but during the holidays I just like to stay grateful.

I never knew I could fight for this long. That I can fail, lose and hurt and know that it is all repairable, that with every loss there is a gain, for every sorrow there is a new joy and a new promise.

So as we continue to express ourselves through creative means, through words, through fashion, through food, through creating new memories… We celebrate life for all it’s guts and glory. Celebrate the truth and know that we are rich to have each other. To be able to continue to create.

We all have a story that are valuable gifts that we can give to the next future generations. As I tell my story I know it’s not just mine to tell. I put into existence the power of my words. I believe there is nothing more powerful than sharing.

This is my team, my warrior family and we are the examples that you too can live this warrior life with style, grit and grace!

Happy Holidays from my family to yours and if you are looking for a photographer this season in the Sacramento/Northern California area N. Herche Photography can help tell your family’s next story!

Photos by N. Herche Photography











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