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The Exceptional Warrior Women

November 17, 2016

I had the great pleasure of attending 8th Annual EWOC-Exceptional Women of Color Conference. What I love most about being an ambassador with Sierra Donor Services – Donate Life is the opportunities to be apart of events such as this.

From CEOs to retirees, principals to mothers, this year’s honorees represent everything a woman is and can be. All of these women from across Northern California have overcome multiple obstacles to become pillars of our community. (Source)

Being an ambassador has empowered me in so many ways to not let my disease overcome me. I mention this a lot in my Warrior LifeStyle post while I was in planning stages for this blog. I shared how I come from a long line of leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs. There is something in me that continues to want to do my own thing and I’ve had some great success in it and some failures. But as I mentioned I’m a constant example to my family and now my blogging community (city/world/influence). So I must push forward.

I made this after being inspired by one of the workshops, O.N.E. We must overcome obstacles, Never give up on the road to have our best year Ever. Which was perfect topic for me as I launched this blog. When asked, “What is your biggest fear?” my response was my limitations but that’s when I added that my limitations has always motivated me.

The speaker told me, “Ooh that’s my next book!” Which I feel is all our stories. At one time I’m sure we can say we felt limited but there was always something in us that propels us to keep moving forward even if it’s scary. The authors who was also the speakers shared their stories and a lot resonated in me and thought why not make this the best year ever!

I was reminded how important it was to feed your dreams (faith) and starve your fears and I will start sharing more of these quotes, lessons, workshops, that I’ve learned through the years of equipping and growing as I create new content. All in the works.

THE O.N.E. Book is for the modern woman with the heart to overcome all obstacles and never give up, and the relentless desire to make this year her best ever—at all costs.

Define your IT.

They gifted these yummy lemonade cupcakes helping me remember to make lemonade out of lemons perfect for what the workshop was teaching!

It’s so important to put yourself in situations that will continue to fuel the fire that is inside of you. The same fire that burns for your dreams and aspirations.

My friend Kyla is one of the first people I met when I started volunteering with Donate Life. Back than she was still a student but now is graduated and is in the Public Relations, Social Welfare and Community Activism field making a difference with her story. She was one of the honorees at this event.

As a two-time kidney transplant recipient, Kyla brings 20 years of experience as a spokesperson for ethnic minority organ donation awareness. She is passionate about diversity, inclusion, and health equity. (THE HUB Magazine)


Thank you Beverly Johnson for supporting organdonation and being an inspiration.

We had the pleasure of meeting Beverly Johnson who was a keynote speaker. Her story along with all the honorees was all very inspiring. I can’t tell you how amazing it was to be in a room full of influential women of color and diversity making a difference in their community.

It’s a reflection of Sacramento. After all TIME magazine named Sacramento “America’s Most Diverse City”. Something that was important to me when raising my sons was they would never see color lines.


A revelatory and redemptive memoir from Beverly Johnson, the first black supermodel to grace the cover of Vogue, and who, over five hundred magazine covers later, remains one of the most successful glamour girls ever.

Going there fed my vision and I remembered how important it was to keep growing professionally as well. Which is hard being technically disabled. However I don’t feel like I stopped working a day in my life.

Because #1 I’m a person of faith and choosing my faith to be my healing source, inspiration and direction. Allowing God to be my Chief in command. Everything else always falls in place when I’m able to do that efficiently.

Since the day I became chronically ill I dove into inspirational books, bible study groups, name it I’ve done in the past 11 years. Not that I didn’t do it before it’s just became a lifestyle. One that I had to grow in and still a working progress.

I have been out of commission with the last wave of health problems and I knew while I was well it’s time to start writing again. It birth this new blog that is a fresh new start for me. Even though the story doesn’t change the vision has developed more through the years and it’s only because of sharing my story from the very beginning.

Through this time I’ve learned and grown and I still often reflect on past post. Which will one day be my first book which the ebook is in the works. I can’t tell you enough how books, websites, connecting… has helped me with living a productive and well life despite my chronic illness. Not to say it didn’t come with any challenges.

But the road that is less traveled as many of these exceptional warrior women who had to fight their way through to conquer their fears and be the difference makers and influencers to the next exceptional warrior women that are following in their example.

Kidney Warrior Women, 2 time kidney recipient Kyla Aquino Irving & Lorin Lorin Meeks-Harris and huge influence in the Sacramento Region!

DoubleTree Brunch was a yummy selection

There were many small businesses but I couldn’t help feature African Crafts customized handcrafted jewelry along with her beautiful dresses. I bought a choker that I’ll share soon. You can find her on the first and third Saturday of the month at the Afrikan Market, 2251 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95822

For the long day conference–I had to be in comfortable professional attire but easy to add heals for an elevated look.

Achieve my this look:




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