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Tres Hermanas Midtown Sacramento Inspiration

November 8, 2016

It’s a new month and believe it or not we have to be very selective where we go out to eat because our budget is very small for the leisure stuff these days. It’s one of the reasons why I started to blog about food and our lifestyle. What I call our “warrior lifestyle” because we are fighting to continue to have these moments.

I believe it’s important to have quality time with your family and it’s a small investment for time that I believe is very precious. My oldest just came back from L.A. and had a bunch of food adventures with my sister who recently moved to downtown L.A. where there are lots of great restaurants.

Since food has always revolved around our family in our celebrations and it’s definitely our love language. When we cook for each other it’s our way of showing our love. You will know when love is not put into food. We always taste it. Like yesterday no one wanted to cook but my hubby through something together and straight up said tonight I didn’t put that extra love in that food. But eating is a necessity and sometimes you just got to do what you got to do.

Sometimes we need a break from cooking and since we’ve always been an on the go type of family we had to eat out quite a bit. So our palette for food is diverse and we love to eat everything. It’s a reflection on the meals we prepare too. Which can be challenging to keep mixing things up but it gives us room to keep exploring different foods.

Now that we’re home more we cook more than we eat out and it’s a huge savings. However, we still set a small budget to go to our favorite restaurants.

During the holidays we all crave Mexican food more often. It’s our posole season and I promise to share recipes here on this blog. Must be the colder weather that makes us want more heartier food. For that Friday evening we headed to downtown and went to one of our regular “Mexican food go to’s”, Tres Hermanas.

They offer healthy, fresh northern Mexican cuisine using only the finest ingredients and fresh products. Tres Hermanas has been part of the Midtown scene for over 10 years. The restaurant’s decoration highlights Mexican traditions and the creativity that is the heart of Midtown Sacramento.

For that evening it was packed with a line out the door. The wait time was 30 minutes which we know is well worth it. We decide it’s a good opportunity to take photos and I liked the “Fall inspired” OOTD that I threw together.

I asked my youngest if he had any jeans that are small on him and now I have these perfect “boyfriend jeans” or technically my son’s jeans. My boys are the distressed kings as you can see some of their work on my past post.

As I continue to share our lifestyle which you’ll see is always a combination of our family moments mixed with fashion, food, fun… Our lives that is far from normal even if it can appear normal. When I say we fight for these moments we do it full of faith that our needs will always be met and that we can continue to be givers even in our situation.

I chose to give back creatively by sharing our moments that I capture photos and put words to. I want to celebrate life and the city I live in along with all it offers. Thanks for following along and being apart of our journey can’t wait to keep sharing and growing with you all! Happy eating adventures await…

Fresh chips and salsa is great starter!

Salad with their cilantro dressing and Albondigas (Meatball) Soup 2 of my favorite items here

Husband ordered a taco salad with carne asada

Son ordered Chile Verde Burrito and Enchilada de Pollo with Verde sauce

Another bowl of their Albondigas soup don’t hurt nobody! I can come just for this!

This Salad definitely deserves a spotlight. I will have to figure this cilantro dressing recipe out!

The artistry is everywhere in this restaurant!

Tres Hermanas

2416 K St

Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 443-6919

Midtown has the best wall art and this was how we killed time while we waited

Inspiration is everywhere in the streets of Downtown “Midtown” Sacramento

Keep creating the moments that you’ll never forget

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