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It’s Okay To Be the Underdog – Raiders!

November 7, 2016

Being a Raiders Fan you know you’re known to be the underdog but as a fan it never mattered you always hoped for that win even coming from any type of losing streak. This is so similar to life how we also know it’s okay to lose…

because we know eventually we will have that win. Eventually it will be our turn.

That’s why I think it’s okay to be the underdog. Even though we’re the team that people love to hate. It’s like that dark cloud of the black and silver just reflects all the unjust in this world. What if we come from a people with lots of unjust things happen to us. But as history always replays itself.

We rose beyond the ashes and turned what was meant for defeat to a win.. Isn’t it so similar to how in life we have the ability to turn death into life just like a loss for a win. 

My Pastor who is a die-hard 49er’s fan has used some analogies especially during football season in his sermon. You know the bay area rivalry just has to be an example at times. I will say that Red and Gold is some royal colors. Royalty standing for royal blood that can represent a birthright of greatness.

But even greatness will have to fall eventually.

Growing up in the Bay Area I will say I took pride in both teams since I had family including my mom and dad whom all grew up in San Francisco.

It’s been such a stark contrast. From the season winnings and the season of loss. Either way you were gonna feel it regardless you knew it was rightfully earned to be celebrated.

In the time of loss we learn from mistakes, we replace and maneuver things around and we get the first pick.

The wins are to be celebrated, you rightfully brag, it’s respected and you show your pride!


Sports has away to make these types of life examples at least for me. I literally see life lessons in everything.

We have sports to show pride of where we’re from and for the love of the sport. We’re a nation of so many unique differences. So what if Black and Silver represents the underdog.

Trust me the Under Dog knows how to rise up. We have learned from the hardest mistakes. But with every loss and win we are proud and we fight for what we believe.

Red and Gold you will always represent passion and prestige, a royal bloodline. As my Pastor believes along with the rest of the Niner nation.

In the scheme of it all we need the underdogs to teach the lessons, to show the true victory in each win, and to show some straight hard-core loyal to every being, handling it like a “G” mentality. Let the black and silver shine because it’s as royal and loyal as it gets!

Very much apart of the Warrior LifeStyle!

Whatever your team or sport that you root for I’m sure you all can understand this and the many life lessons competitive sports teaches. It’s why I always encouraged my boys to participate in sports since they were young.

Thankful for family blessing us with tickets and my youngest got to go to his first game. Check out his snaps of his day.

Raiders Nation!

Marquez’s Raiders Swag

Son & Father ready and fitted for the game

Butts Boys missing my oldest he sure wished he was able to go

The Raider Gumataotao Family. Cousins gathered the weekend before to watch the game.

Outfit Details – Achieve The Look




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