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Living Missional – Missions Trip to Mexico

November 4, 2016

This week our study was about life mission in our Influential Disciple Study. Which is timely as we prepare for my youngest son Marquez to go to a Mexico Missions Trip. It’s the same trip my oldest son, Marcelo went to on his freshman and senior year. Marquez is a sophomore and think it’s the perfect timing. I know how much this was a humbling and life changing trip for his brother and just the fact that he is wanting to go on his own is all I could really ask for.

Since they were young we did our best to give them spiritual guidance by regularly attending church and apply all that we learned to our daily lives. It’s in our daily lives where the real lessons take place and as a family we have had to learn a lot together. It wasn’t always easy as our lives got hectic with my health issues and just keeping the boys active. Just keeping a schedule and managing their activities became our life mission.

As they got older I didn’t want to drag them to church. Even though I always told them as long as they were under my household and under my guidance I will make sure they are staying disciplined in their commitments and I wanted faith to always be a priority. I also knew how fundamental it was to learn and grow in your spiritual life.

I know how much it helped me as a teen even though at times I didn’t want to hear any preaching (because I already had everything figured out) or attend church. I believe it’s the age where it’s easy to wander off and even lose your faith depending on your life circumstance. I’ve been there and even as an adult it’s something I need to keep working at. From the time I wake–to the time I sleep–I know there is a task at hand and when I’m living missional I know that everything I do has a purpose.

I was touched when Marquez told me he knew he needed to reconnect his relationship with God. Though he attended youth group each week. Our circumstances had its way. He felt he had fallen off and just like his brother and many of his friends that have gone to this missions trip would come back with a renewed faith. It’s humbling to be taken away from all you know, the comforts of your surroundings and be put in another world.

Where the conditions are not comfortable and it’s a reality check. Even though we’ve had our struggles; I know my boys didn’t have to go without. I remember when Marcelo first went how he couldn’t forget the faces of the kids in the orphanage and he kept telling us how grateful he was to have both his parents.

Living missional is a reminder that the church is in the mission fields. We teach the love of God and the gospel by being there for those in need. We have been on the other end of that need and I can’t share enough how much it has helped us, time and time again.

We attended their “Pachanga” dinner fundraiser. It was a beautiful evening filled with student testimonies, yummy food, Folkorico-Mexican folk dancing, dessert auction and a hot chili contest. I was also happy to see my oldest son in a video presentation of their trip last year. I feel grateful to now have two sons who had this opportunity to serve in missions.

I just know there are lessons there that I can never teach them. Lessons that will help them in their own lives. As they continue to live missional. They can take that in their daily lives, in all that they do, to all they influence and in their gifts and talents. It’s all to serve a bigger purpose.


Each year a small group from Encounter Church’s youth group Flipt 180 takes a trip into Mexico where they work alongside an existing ministry and help provide for some basic needs the people in the area have.  This year they will head down over the Thanksgiving week and help to build 3 homes for families in need, take school supplies, clothes, and toys to an orphanage, do handyman work at a drug rehabilitation ranch, and provide a meal for families who live and work on a dump. (original source)

Any donation is greatly appreciated. Checks can be payable to Encounter Church and mailed to 2406 Del Paso Road, Sacramento, Ca 95834. If you have any questions, please feel free to call, (916) 212-9663. Taxpayer ID available upon request.

If you would like to donate directly to Marquez please email me: for more information.

Thank you to all those who are making this mission trip possible for the youth to go and serve. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

My youngest son always so stylish and is ready for this world

Look below for outfit details

My boy’s heartful reasons for attending this missions trip

2016 Mexico Missions Trip Team

Me & Marquez

Folkorico Dancers

Prayer for the whole team

A few photos from when Marcelo went last year


The area that they serve


The shelter/homes that they build


A playground built for the children in a dumpsite community




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