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Warrior Guest Feature: Live. Love. Lips. with Carolyn

November 2, 2016

Today I am excited to share my first guest feature and product review with fellow kidney warrior Carolyn//Live. Love. Lips. with Carolyn. Many of these collaborations with my friends and fellow warriors that have businesses helped me with partnering up with past fundraisers or even giving me a way to get these quality products in my daily regimen affordably and even free.

My goal here at Warrior LifeStyle is to keep connecting and growing in this area through blogging. I would like to connect people with warriors like Carolyn who has a story behind what she does. When Carolyn asked me if I like to test out Lipsense by SeneGence I was all for it and the timing was perfect as I launched this blog.

I love my makeup and is apart of creating my warrior style. I will say the longevity of the product is amazing. The lip stain stays on for up to 18 hours. For someone who needs very low maintenance especially throughout the day. It’s a perfect product.

SeneGence products including LipSense are…Cruelty Free and Gluten Free cosmetics

  • NO Animal Testing on LipSense & all of the other SeneGence cosmetics
  • LipSense is Gluten Free
  • LipSense has no wax, or petroleum
  • LipSense is Lead Free lipstick
  • LipSense is Kosher too!

As a warrior fighting chronic illness quality products are very important to me. Also, for all my foodie adventures. It’s great to be able to eat without worrying about smudging and having to reapply. I highly recommend LipSense and can’t wait to try more colors!

You can purchase this product through the Facebook page she created personally for Warrior LifeStyle: Lipstick Party for WARRIORS


Sampling Cappucino which is the natural lip color I like to use on a daily base

Mini Video I did on Snapchat mind my funny filters can’t help myself

Here is Carolyn’s story:


I was diagnosed with IgA Neuropathy in 2007, after failing a medical examination as part of an application for life insurance. The only sign and/or symptom that I had to alert me of this disease was an abnormal urinalysis and soon afterwards, blood in my urine. Multiple tests were done to exclude various diseases and/or cancer.

In the end, a kidney biopsy was performed and my diagnoses was set in stone: IgA Nephropathy. IgA Nephropathy is an immune complex disorder that occurs when IgA – a protein that helps the body fight infections – settles in the kidneys. This results in local inflammation that, over time, may hamper your kidneys’ ability to filter waste, excess water and electrolytes from your blood.

In June 2015, my kidney function was at 9%, and underwent surgery for access placement (fistula). During this time, I began the process of submitting paperwork to the University Medical Center as well as the Mayo Clinic’s transplant departments to begin the evaluation process to be approved to get on the list for a kidney transplant.

In September 2015, my kidney function was at 6%, and my nephrologist ordered the start of dialysis treatments. I chose in-center treatments at first as I was honestly afraid & didn’t know what to expect. I felt comfortable with the “professionals” conducting the treatments.

In July 2016, I decided to train to do home hemodialysis treatments as the 3-days per week treatments were very tiring & draining. Training lasted approximately 3 weeks. By the first week of August, I was doing treatments in the comfort of my own home, along with my husband.

Two weeks into home treatments, on August 21, 2016 at 2am, I received a call from UMC’s transplant center saying, “IT’S TIME”! I was in shock & in disbelief. I cried happy tears for about 2.5 seconds, then a feeling of utter sadness came over my entire body as this meant someone had just passed away, but my life was being saved.

We rushed to the hospital where numerous tests were done & then I was off to the surgical room. 6 hours later, I’m back in my room recovering, appreciating my gift of life, & praying for my donor & his family.


To this day, I cry thinking about my HERO & the fact that I will never get the chance to meet him. But I’m hoping that one day I will have the opportunity to meet his family to offer my condolences for the passing of their son, & to thank them for raising such a considerate & amazing human being.

Being on “house arrest” after surgery, in order to avoid infection to the newly transplant kidney, I got bored really fast, came across LipSense and was instantly HOOKED. I decided to become a distributor for LipSense to keep myself productive and also to help bring some income home as I wasn’t able to go back to work until the end of this year.

One month after becoming a distributor for LipSense, I had the urge, energy & passion to take on more. I wanted to take full advantage of this “new life”, therefore, I took another leap of faith & became a consultant for the clothing line, LuLaRoe.

I’m truly blessed and proud to say that two months post-transplant, I now running two businesses, meeting new people, & making tons of new friendships.

xoxo, Carolyn




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