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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How I Wonder What You Are, The Great Reveal

October 29, 2016

There is one thing that my family knows how to do real well and that is throwing a party. When we come together it is pretty amazing from all our creatives, cooks, bakers… Name it we got it! We always say we need to go in business.

Me and my sister-in-laws have learned a lot from our mom. Her example was her mom, our grandmother. They both have passed on but the traditions live on within us.  Those examples live on within our whole family.

You will see it in all the events that we are apart of. We all have that gifting to be there for each other in all celebrations in life. A new life is always a joyous occasion. Especially since we are now enduring another season of loss. This new life represents new hope for the future especially within our family.

This is my sister’s third child. It was a surprise for us all. She found out her pregnancy in her second trimester and the gender was already revealed to the dad. She chose to wait. Of course my hubby had to know and I couldn’t wait to know either.

We told our siblings and the word got out to the family but we all did are best to keep it a secret. My sister insisted to wait and decided she would wait until her shower to find out. Which was planned only week’s before her due date.

She found the cutest theme, twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are. How we plan parties is we start a pinterest board. We all put the many ideas on a shared board and we do what we can with what we have or able to afford. The results are always beautiful as you will see in the photos.

I do my best to capture these moments and excited to share some past parties as I’ve documented them for some time along with the new celebrations that are yet to come. When we do open “the family business” you will definitely be hearing about it.

Till than I’ll showcase our portfolio and work here because I believe it’s apart of the Warrior LifeStyle to celebrate life. Through creating moments that can be treasured forever.


Banner made by me, cloud balloons made by Micaela, hanging stars purchased from Amazon


Me, my little sisters-in-laws Micaela & Monique and my niece Diane

Welcome to the BIG REVEAL


All the paper stars are hand crafted by several family members with Monique

Baby Shower Favor boxes with color reveal Hershey kisses inside made by me

Desserts made by Monique and Auntie Viv (The cake maker of the family)

Yummy mini desserts made by Monique

Yummy Desserts made by Monique & Micaela

Custom dessert table

All the yummy Island Food & I made those Chamorro empanadas wish I took a pix when it was still full

Centerpieces created by Monique a plate of the yummy island food selections

Made by Micaela


My Sons & Niece Diane

Me and my girl

It’s A Girl! My nephew wanted a brother but he still put a big smile! Gender Reveal Box Created by Brandy. Thank you to all who has helped us throw this beautiful shower!

One week later she was born. Welcome to the world

Mila Alynn

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