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Iron Sharpens Iron at the Iron Horse Tavern

October 28, 2016

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.-Proverbs 27:17

It was ironic that this was exactly what we were doing at the Iron Horse Tavern. Somewhere Sarah//agirlinspired suggested to meet for breakfast. There are so many great restaurants in Sacramento that I haven’t made my way to.  This blog inspires me to keep exploring and have more future collaborations with local businesses such as I now have with Sarah.

I want to continue to get the word out that Sacramento is a great place to live a healthy lifestyle and raise a family. Especially since we are known to be the farm-to-fork capital and many of our restaurants are practicing using locally sourced produce and meats.

It’s been a pretty neat time to live here. I come from the bay area and living with a chronic illness it was important to have everything accessible to us. The convenience of everything being within distance has made life easier.

I also love that it’s a great place for a creative like me. I barely tapped into the creative community other than attending some local events. Sarah I will say will be one of my first partnership. Her photos have already helped me tell the stories in many of these first couple post.

I truly believe we are better together. As the verse says above, Iron sharpens Iron. Coming together strength for strength is a powerful thing. It was also the perfect location in the R Street corridor where the artist lofts and WAL Public Market. A great environment to get the creative juices flowing.

I tried to catch the tail end of the Instagram’s Rising Tide Challenge which was this whole week and ends today with community over competition as today’s focus. With this blog launch it helped to see all the fellow creatives, bloggers, business owners coming together online. Also by joining the challenge it gave a free guide that gave great suggestions on presenting your digital content on Instagram.

That is something I am trying to perfect. Having Sarah’s mentorship has already been helpful. I’ve been known by my family as the “photo person” capturing all our memories. This has helped me especially when words were hard to come by. Photos are a great way to tell a story. It’s an important aspect to marketing and it’s time to continue to strengthen that area by now storytelling for my future collaborations.

I already seen joining forces with Sarah has already motivated me to finally get this new blog going. If you have followed Maribel’s Kidney Story you may understand more of my daily fight to live life the best I could with what I have. As I purged my words I brought a healing that was very tangible for me to see.

This is my hope for Warrior LifeStyle that I will be able to connect with more people. What I’ve learned through the years fighting for life is that everyone is fighting something.

Is it for a dream, for freedom, for peace, for people, for life…

I think we can all agree we want that and this is why I believe it’s important to come together and not against each other. This week me and my husband has studied on healthy relationships with our The Influential Disciple Bible Study.

This book, The Influential Disciple, is a deep dive into five specific dimensions of discipleship. Each dimension involves five key Bible characters whose lives provide concrete evidence that discipleship can be learned.

Having healthy relationships helps our dreams, our freedom, our peace. It starts with coming together. In love, in partnership and seeing that we are not here to compete with one another but to complete one another–strength for strength we are better together!

Loved this vintage warrior working women photo

The bathroom was super nice!

Coffee first

Oatmeal Brûlée & Belgian Waffle with fresh fruit


Me & Sarah

Iron Horse Tavern

1800 15th Street, Suite B
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 448-4488



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