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Mother Son Date, “Adulting”, & Thai Food

October 27, 2016

One thing I did since my sons were young was one on one time usually eating out to some of our regular spots or maybe something new. It’s just our time or what I like to call, mother son date.

Usually me and my oldest have the same cravings. For that rainy day we wanted soup and had to go to one of our go to’s for soup and good Asian comfort soul food in general is Bangkok Garden. The owners are great friends of ours and more like family. It always feels like your sitting in their kitchen.

Thai ingredients are within my diet restrictions. The best thing is it’s mainly flavored with all kinds of spices, herbs and vegetables. This is how we like to cook now a days too. Got to get creative with the renal diet.

I grew up with May who you will see most evenings doing her thing because it can get busy with lots of regulars such as myself. However, she will always have time to give a quick hug or ask how you’re doing or how the family is doing. She treats everyone like family and that’s how all her family is.

You feel the love in the cooking too which is prepared by her parents who you will so most days in the kitchen. Tom Yum was my go to when I couldn’t eat. Just something about the combination of spices and I love to have fresh dried chilies with it too. Me and my son have to always have the spice tray right next to us. Spice is really good for the heart and I need all the support I can get!

When May seen I was often ordering the same soup during one of my long extended health battles. She told me anytime you want soup just come and even would send it home with my son if he happen to be there. My son is very close to this family because like how May and I were friends in High school our sons were too. They both are newly graduated and now “adulting” along with us. It’s weird!

Which the the topic of our conversation was, “adulting” and all its responsibilities and the many choices you have to make to move forward. Just like I was at his age; he wants to travel. But the difference is he can because he didn’t have the type of responsibilities that I did raising him at his age. I always encourage him to go after his dreams and of course with hard work it will pay off.

We talked about his planned trip to L.A. which he actually left for today to. I know one day this boy will leave the nest to make his way in this world on his own and I know I have to be ready to let him become the man he is becoming. Just hope and pray that we have given him a solid foundation that he can build his own house on.

This quality time is so important as they grow up so fast. I still can’t believe I have an adult. With all the many possibilities ahead of him I await to see where life takes him.

Hearts filled, soul filled, tummy filled, and that makes for a perfect day and got a lot of rest too!

Rainy days are good resting days!



Tom Yum Soup

Bangkok Garden Thai Cuisine

2069 Arena Blvd #170

Sacramento, CA 95834

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Knitted cream w/ gold sweater

Dark blue jeans & Beige boots

Precious stone necklace

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