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My Fighting and Style Roots

October 26, 2016

When I was young I was a rebellious teen you can see photo here if you want proof, lol. I dressed to deflect my femininity. I rather be a boy and deal with boy stuff. Which seemed pretty easy as I was always a tom boy who would be the only girl in a pack of boys (All my neighbors were boys).

Dickies, Ben Davis, Nike Cortez, Reebok, Sports Attire were my favorites. Can’t forget the spiral perm and dark lipstick. Tupac Thug Life is all I wanted to live. The 90’s. But reality set in when I got sent to L.A. to live with my sister–trying to live that gangsta life. I was only in middle school and already knew I needed to make changes for the better.

My sister being a shopaholic/fashionista. She started to give me many of her hand me downs which were always practically new or unique.

Her favorite thing to do was to go thrift shopping and she would find the best stuff. The transition happened and I slowly became a women accepting how beautifully and wonderfully I was made.

I seen how presenting myself meant how people will perceive me and how I was gonna feel about myself. I always had the power to make a statement and now positive change was happening and my styling choices changed with it.

I was finally coming to a place where I wanted to feel like a women. Don’t get me wrong I still love a pair of sneakers and comfortable clothes but it’s all how you wear it and I believe it’s a reflection of who you are.

I am still surrounded by a bunch of men, my hubby and two sons and they are also very involved in my fashion choices as I am with theirs.

Till this day I wear clothes like an armor. I now wear the markings of my battles. All my beautiful scars and dealing with my lifelines–Currently a dialysis access on my right arm. Which half the time is bandaged up due my treatments every other day.

Mid length shirts are great for those days. But if I don’t have fresh wounds you’ll find me wearing tanks and the classic “wife beater” tank top goes with everything. Especially in our very hot Sacramento, Cali weather.

I’m in love with Statement necklaces. This fridge peace was found at Burlington Coat Factory. Most of their jewelry is under $10 normally paired with matching earrings. With the transitioning weather I’ve been able to pull out my boots and ankle boots are great for these warmer days.

This photo shoot I wanted to capture my warrior style. Always with purpose and helping me support my fight for life. No better person than with Sarah/a.girl.inpired. Her teenage son Justine is also battling kidney failure. She knows these battle scars very well and the perfect person to capture my story.

This is what I love about warriors. We have this way of finding each other and we fight better together.

She will be someone I will be collaborating with moving forward and is a wealth of information. As fellow creatives and warriors in life it’s great that we can come together and help support each other.

We chose to be creatives because you need a profession that can revolve around health (and family) priorities. The 9 to 5 just doesn’t work.

I liked how we had this set time that we committed to help get the creative juices flowing. A product of this time is the beautiful photos that showcased my outfits and my warrior style.

Make sure to contact her for your blogging photography needs!







Outfit detail:

Fridge suede bib necklace-Burlington Coat Factory

White Tank Top

Jean shorts-Styles For Less

Achieve this look:






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  • Roger Day October 27, 2016 at 11:47 am

    That was some good reading. Never knew any of this. I always thought you were very pretty but hearing how you got to the point you are today was extremely interesting.

    • MaribelB October 27, 2016 at 4:13 pm

      Thanks Unc Roger I appreciate your support and reading my first post. More story telling to come.