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Buffalo Exchange Finds & Exploring Berkeley

October 26, 2016

We planned to stay with my sister who was visiting from Southern California and rented a really nice Air B&B in Alameda that overlooked the bay area. We had several plans that weekend and was happy me and the family was able to stay with her.

Me and the L.A. Crew

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches// http://ilikeikesplace.com/berkeley

Though our time was short we always make the most of our Bay Area area trips. Since we were very close to Berkeley we made a day out of it. I had our Godson with us and wanted to also spend quality time with him.

One of our favorite sandwich shops is Ike’s which actually recently opened close to us in Davis. It’s affordable and healthy and in the area of Berkeley we love to explore.

One of our ultimate favorite places to shop is Buffalo Exchange which we no longer have in Sacramento but I love to go to other stores especially Berkeley.

There’s nothing like shopping and knowing that some of your profit goes back into the community and other organizations. Be ready to buy tokens through their Tokens for Bags® program that will support these charities.

We not only find the best vintage stuff there but they also have new clothes and accessories that is affordably priced. My sons have inherited the thrifting fever especially my oldest Celo who usually is our adviser–as he researches and watches a lot of thrifting folks online and is currently pursuing a fashion degree.

We have an inventory and our online store will be available soon. I hope by sharing our shopping techniques it can help all you fellow warriors find your warrior style and do it within your budget.

My finds was a cute shirt with some open cris cross details on the shoulder which is one of the brands they sell that are new.  Along with a striped black dress that also has an off the shoulder detail on the sleeves. This can be worn casually and easily dressed up as you see below with just a pair a shoes.

They were both on the half off rack and was definitely a score that I purchased both for under $18. I also had to get the vintage guns and roses shirt along with a necklace that brought me to a $30 shopping total.

I usually don’t have patience to shop like my boys do. I’m glad that my husband and sons love thrifting and bargain shopping. This is how I found the love for shopping and just let that rush of a good deal satisfy me. I’m usually fast too and often sit down with my items as I wait for my fellas. If I see something and I know I can use for multipurpose use and looks comfortable that’s all me!

There are few occasions that I will pay the price for cuteness. LOL! I was also able to capture some of the outfits with the lovely Sarah//www.agirlinspired.com. I Look forward to sharing more family and fashion adventures. Make sure to subscribe and let’s keep living the Warrior LifeStyle.






Photos by Sarah//http://www.agirlinspired.com/

Photos by Sarah//http://www.agirlinspired.com/


Grey cut out shoulder t-shirt-Buffalo Exchange

Stripped Dress-Buffalo Exchange

Black Sandals-Target

Nude Sandle Heal-Target

Guns & roses vintage half top-Buffalo Exchange

Burgundy Nike Air Force-Gift from my sister

Achieve the look with similar choices:



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